Thrux Lawrence Black Leather Coasters (Square – Set of 4) Review – $25

Thrux Lawrence is one of the first companies BestLeather has had the pleasure of working with, and also the first company to pique my interest in leather. Because my barber is connected to the Thrux Lawrence flagship store, I repeatedly find myself perusing their leather goods, the outstanding collection of antiques, and generally longing to buy one of everything. Thrux Lawrence is a solid company who “builds them like they used to.” Even when it comes to coasters.

Thrux Lawrence Coasters

About Thrux Lawrence

I discovered Thrux Lawrence one day casually strolling the streets of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho with my sister. She had apparently heard about this awesome store that just opened downtown, and being the hip teenagers we were, we had to check it out. My first experience with Thrux Lawrence was very exciting. Tanden greeted us at the door and began explaining how his company was built around the principles of functional yet stylish design, limited supply, and Made in the USA. From that point on I was very interested in leather and its durability, longevity, and style, especially the products Thrux Lawrence has to offer.

Thrux Lawrence Coasters


Coasters may perhaps be the easiest leather accessories anyone could construct. But even with something so simple, it is still difficult to get the perfect result. Made from black 10-12oz bridle leather, these coasters are as indestructible as any of the other Thrux products. Occupying the standard coaster size of 4 x 4 in, this coaster provides adequate space for even the largest of drinks. The burnished edges and Thrux Lawrence logo add just enough flair to the coaster.

Thrux Lawrence Coasters

Thrux Lawrence Coasters


I have yet to come across a drink that will not fit on these coasters. And even if I had, I should never be drinking that much anyway. The coasters function extremely well. The leather is thick enough to prevent moisture underneath, but not too thick so drinks tip over if they are not placed all the way on the coaster. I have been pleased with them so far, and they will most definitely outlast any non-leather coaster.

Thrux Lawrence Coasters


Black is one of my favorite colors. It is simple, goes with almost anything, and in the case of coasters, prevents any discoloration. The Thrux Lawrence coasters are very rigid. Their strength reflects the principles this company was founded on, and even though coasters are very simple, they’ve continued to abide strictly to those principles.

Thrux Lawrence Coasters


If you are looking for a simple set of quality leather coasters, check out the shapes and colors Thrux Lawrence has to offer. Whether you choose squares or circles, black or brown, the coasters will be the same quality. Coming in at $25, the Thrux Lawrence Leather Coasters are an excellent choice for simple, effective leather accessory.

Thrux Lawrence Coasters

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