The Future of ID Verification for Online Casinos 2022

Most punters gambling online are concerned about their safety and security. That comes as no surprise given the sheer amount of sensitive information they are required to share with a particular wagering platform – including personal information and data and financial details. 


In light of this, the article highlights the importance of ID verification for online casinos, why it is needed, and its future in the online gaming industry – more specifically, alternatives with which customers may feel more satisfied. 

What Is ID Verification?

Essentially, a digital ID verification process exists to confirm a customer’s identity and show that the identity they claim is accurate.  Authentication takes place on various occasions in order to avoid potential fraud and keep customers safe. 


An average casino in the USA will ask you to provide personal details for this purpose in various situations. For instance, if you want to play an online game, it is necessary to pass some kind of verification. Further, plenty of gaming operators requires you to give out personal data when withdrawing the winnings.


However, not all gambling sites ask their members to share their ID credentials all the time. To be precise, any casino without verification allows its members to join the site without sharing identity information. Here you can find the list of such casinos in Canada and learn more about their features and methods of work. 


How does a betting site with no verification operates? In essence, it doesn’t differ from the first category in other respects. It’s enough to register on the platform. However, a player has to verify his identity before making the very first withdrawal from his casino account balance.


In the following section, we will discuss why an online platform uses ID verification before you wonder if this type of casino is safe. However, as long as it is licensed and regulated, the site can be considered safe, though not as much as its counterpart. Moreover, we have selected only the most reliable and reputable betting sites which have licenses issued by the major licensing authorities.

Why Does an Online Platform Use It?

Every country has an age requirement for partaking in wagering activities. Therefore, every potential player has to prove their age along with their identity to an online betting website.


Further, the internet provides a fertile ground for cybercrimes, including identity theft. In fact, it was established that stealing personal information is most often the target of hackers. With that in mind, it is no wonder that verification for wagering sites is so vital – they have to validate their customers’ identities and be sure that money is going to the right place.


Consequently, if a casino member wishes to do something as innocent as playing poker online, he has to confirm his identity first. Implementing the necessary steps is also significant for restricting money laundering and fraud on the part of players. It is essential for a casino operator to be sure that the money gamers use to fund their casino accounts was legally obtained. 

Which Documents Do Potential Gamblers Have to Submit?

Those operators that require customers to verify their ID in casino facilities and on websites will ask for copies of the following documents:


  1. Government-issued photo ID – Gamblers can choose between three documents, whereas an ID card is the most common choice because everyone owns one. Other solutions include a passport and driver’s license.
  2. A utility bill or an account statement – It is necessary to submit this document to confirm the current address. Consequently, whichever document you choose, it cannot be older than half a year.
  3. Both sides of the credit card – This proves where the money used to fund an online casino site comes from.

New Technology Which Doesn’t Require Sharing Personal Information

As suggested earlier, some betting platforms don’t require wannabe customers to submit the mentioned copies of the documents – except when the first withdrawal takes place when they have to go through the authentication process. The platforms in question do not differ from the traditional casinos except in terms of the verification procedure requirements.


Similarly, such an online casino offers a variety of games, regular rewards, bonuses, and promotions, convenient payment options, 24/7 customer support, and other essential features of a good gambling website. Other benefits of this type of gaming platform are as follows:


  • Anonymity – By not sharing your documents, you stay anonymous.
  • Security – If regulated, none of your sensitive personal information can get compromised as you didn’t share it in the first place.
  • Fast sign-up – Not sharing verification details, you can complete sign-up in a couple of minutes.
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals – When operators don’t have to confirm your identity, both processes are faster.


To sum up, online platforms utilizing ID verification now have their counterpart – no verification casinos. Such gambling sites are on the rise. However, the fact is that the former is more secure and will most probably remain a preferred choice among gamblers and gambling operators.


Even though it is less convenient, given that sign-ups, deposits, and withdrawals take up much more time, it is still safer than not having to upload all the documents mentioned earlier. Even so, many punters value anonymity which the other type excels in. More than that, they are attracted to the ease and speed they can handle transactions with. 

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