4 Ways to Dress with Confidence

4 Ways to Dress with Confidence 

Every guy has his own style. Whether your favorite clothes include a pack of black t-shirts or a sophisticated suit, the right clothes for your figure will make you feel more confident. We think all men deserve to feel amazing in what they’re wearing. The following fashion tips for men will make you feel fresh no matter where you’re going. 


  • Find the Right Men’s Fit 


The best way to feel confident about your clothes is to find the right men’s fit for your body type. When your tops and bottoms look tailored, you’ll always like how you look. Start by doing research about somatoform types to see if you’re an ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph. You can also find which men’s body shape best matches your figure. Once you know your body type, you can find clothing that will accentuate your best features. You can also find out which patterns and colors won’t work for your body shape. 

Another way to find the right men’s fit is to measure yourself. Measurements for your inseam and waist will make it easy to find flattering chinos and jeans. Knowing your chest size and collar size will help you to pick everything from men’s modal t-shirts to suit jackets. If you’re interested in a certain brand or look, experiment with an affordable piece that matches other items in your closet. If it looks good, you can shop for more clothing from the same store or company. 

Once you experiment with fits and find the ones you like, take pictures of your tags. Keeping the info on your phone can help you to pick up more of the same style in the future. If you’re a bigger guy, try a specialty linen shirt like a tall tee. Elevated tees contour the shoulders to help flatter all figures, especially body types like the inverted triangle.They are more fitted and also emphasize the physique.

Finally, if you’re trying on clothing in store, move around in the dressing room. Sit down and bend over to be sure it looks just as attractive in motion. Sometimes, the pieces you like don’t look the same on you as the mannequin. Having a real-time view of how you appear in a pair of joggers or a button-down shirt can make all the difference in buying something that makes you feel confident. 


  • Choose Fresh, Classic Colors 


We’ve seen some guys that can pull off vertical stripes or busy patterns, but not all prints suit your body type.Instead of chasing what’s on the runway, choose classic colors and fresh hues to define your outfit. 

Choose neutral colors because they will go with everything in your closet. They’re easy to match and they’ll give you a fresh, polished look. A black crew neck or white v-neck tee looks attractive with shorts or pants in nearly every fabric and color. Attractive and alternative neutrals include slate grey and oatmeal. Charcoal grey is a clean and handsome substitute for the classic black tee, while heather grey is another shade that matches almost anything. Colors like brown and olive offer balanced earth tones, and you can’t go wrong with military green or navy. 

When you want to mix things up, some on-trend shirts and pants colors for men include sapphire and pastel purple. Garnet is a rich hue that you can wear to work or for a nice dinner. Emerald and clay accentuate your best features and will help to liven up everything from khakis to cords.

If you’re interested in fresh hues perfect for vacation or socializing, try a pair of shorts or a crew neck shirt in colors like ivy or cove. You’ll look poised and polished in choices like wedgewood and aloe. Besides cool shades of blue and green will add effortless style and energy to your usual wardrobe.



  • Have Plenty of Stylish Men’s Essentials 


There are certain items that will always make you feel confident, like a soft, white crew neck or a luxe black hoodie. These are considered men’s essentials, which will always be in fashion, no matter where you’re wearing them. When it comes to short-sleeve shirts, be sure you have crew necks and v-necks in different colors. If you’re interested in tops with a little detail, pick up henley shirts or pocket tees. 

A quality, fashionable polo shirt can take you from the office to an evening with friends. Shopping for a 3-pack of polo t-shirts in versatile colors can make it easy to dress for the workweek while feeling confident for brunch or golf on the weekend. Long-sleeve crew necks and henleys are perfect for cooler weather, while pullovers and hooded long-sleeves will elevate the layers in your closet. 

When it comes to men’s pants, we recommend having a few different shades of denim. A traditional pair of blue jeans and a darker pair of indigo jeans will make it effortless to match your shirts. Buy chinos or relaxed-fit trousers in a couple of different colors to round out your wardrobe. Include a few choices in outerwear like a bomber jacket or trucker jacket. These styles always enhance a man’s look. 


  • Rotate Your Favorite Pieces 


Everyone has a favorite shirt or pair of shoes. After all, having a trusty brand or style of clothing can give you a ton of confidence. However, wearing your signature pieces too much can wear them out, both literally and figuratively. Even the most durable footwear and clothing will need time to air out or get a wash. You also want to look like your closet is diverse and you aren’t always wearing the same clothing to work or social events. 

To stay fresh and flatter your appearance, it’s best to rotate your best clothes with other options. You’ll look and smell great, especially when you remember important men’s style hacks. 

First, know what you like and buy the same shirts and pants in different colors. If your favorite black and white v-necks are in the wash, you can always wear the same size and fit in brown or navy. When your desert boots or boat shoes need a break, switch them out with similar footwear. Chukka boots or loafers come in a variety of colors to match all your shirts and pants. 

If you like to pick out clothing ahead of time, a rotation plan will make your outfits effortless. For example, you can pick out five different colors of your favorite v-necks for work, and then add layers on top. You can also choose various shades of cords or slim-fit trousers. Creating a framework and cycling out similar clothing makes it simple to look amazing and feel confident without thinking. 


Look and Feel Confident in Your Clothing 

Follow these tips to dress your best, and you’ll always feel confident in your clothing. Classic men’s essentials and traditional colors make it even easier to look amazing in what you’re wearing. You don’t have to put too much time or effort into your style to look attractive and wear the right fit. A combination of the appropriate size for your body type and a style plan for your week will give you self-assurance like never before. 

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