Suus Announces Kickstarter for Leather Bags, Pouches, and Holsters

Suus is a new brand out of San Diego, California, who recently launched a Kickstarter for their leather bags, pouches, and holsters. The brand was founded by Sandino Cabrera, a graphic designer, who wrote:

One day, I came across a leather workshop. I was amazed by the work of these artisans, and the craftsmanship. I found fascinating how versatile leather can be, that gave me a new vision to expand my creativity and create innovate products. For me, one of the keys to be innovative is to solve the problem in the most stylish and fun way possible. That’s how SUUS was born: a brand that desires to solve carrying needs, founded in offering individuality, functionality, durability, and attention to detail.

Suus begins with 4 basic principles:

  • Functionality & Specialization: Everyone has individual styles and diverse daily activities: entrepreneurs, bikers, attorneys, photographers, designers, and chefs among others. That inspired us to create pieces that can fit your personality and at the same time improve your carry needs.
  • Individuality: We are going to laser engrave your name on each piece. Thanks to new techniques and processes, it is possible to express your uniqueness in each product.
  • Lasting: We value time. We are a generation in demand for non-disposable products. Hence we look for top quality materials and manufacturing processes, to provide you with long lasting warranties.
  • Detail: To create a high-end valued product, we put special attention to each minimal detail. Our interiors are full of life, we pledge to collaborate with the art community, that way we support upcoming artists and at the same time deliver a new experience in every piece.


      • Cody Holster: Cody is a holster inspired by the old Wild West. The purpose is to release men from inconvenient placement of cell phones, keys, wallets, or whatever personal stuff men carry on their pockets on daily basis. To maximize the versatility you can detach the pouch and just use with your belt. You can snatch up the Cody for $130 during the Kickstarter. c757d04e28a973b6567280cceccb9a2b_original (1)


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    • Cooper Purse: The Cooper is a classy daily purse that fits everything. The compartments are strategically placed to improve usability. It has one easy access key compartment. Plenty of room and the SUUS secret feature! One detachable cosmetic pouch that functions like a divider inside the purse thanks to a zipper sewed to the edge. If you snatch it up early enough, you can get the Cooper Purse for just $195.42eb3c5f62da3ab8f8a75fdaff5fae79_original

Suus still has several weeks left on their Kickstarter, so be sure to check out their page and their website. You can watch their video below:

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