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About a month ago I decided it was time to invest in a quality camera for all my photography escapades. I wanted a professional quality camera that didn’t require 20lbs of clunky, additional gear to haul around. I decided to go with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II. I have thoroughly enjoyed the camera and lenses I have. But I did forget one thing: a quality camera bag. I began searching for leather camera gear to review and I found ONA Bags. This stylish leather company graciously agreed to a review and I jumped all over the opportunity. “The Brixton” is truly an outstanding camera bag.

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ONA Bags was founded in 2010 with the goal to provide stylish, high-quality camera gear for creative professionals and photographers. Based out of New York City, this company is dedicated to perfect design and functionality. “Our design process is driven by a desire to create products that complement your style and protect your gear. We believe that your camera bags and accessories should be rich and imaginative, like the photos you love to take.” It is immediately evident from The Brixton that this style-conscious leather company is passionate about quality leather goods.

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Like all ONA products, The Brixton is constructed using premium full-grain leather. The Italian-tanned leather has been treated with a light wax finish that is easily scratched and marked which gives the messenger an extremely attractive patina. The Antique Cognac color is contrasted by the antique brass tuck-clasp closure and darker brown waxed-cotton canvas. Built 13.5” long by 10.5” high by 5” deep, the Brixton is designed to carry a camera, up to three lenses, a 13” laptop, and other small camera accessories such as batteries, caps, and filters. The inside consists of four moveable dividers made out of closed-cell foam. The dividers can be taken out or moved around to allow adequate space for the lenses or camera. On the bag’s exterior, two front and side pockets provide ample storage for the additional small gear you may carry. The Brixton is an extremely well designed and constructed camera messenger bag that will protect your expensive camera gear in style.

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I have taken this bag on more trips than any bag I own, and this is in only with 5 weeks of use. The Brixton is the perfect bag to take with me, even when I don’t plan on taking pictures, although we all know that some of the best shots are spontaneous and planned last second. This leather bag functions as more than a bag to carry your camera. Because it has been built with so much passion and personality, I have found that I enjoy using the bag exclusively as a messenger that happens to also perfectly hold my camera. The laptop sleeve and moveable dividers are healthily padded and protective, so I never worry that any of my gear will not be adequately secured.

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My favorite functioning pieces of this messenger are the brass tuck-clasps. Never once have the claps opened by themselves. It is pleasing to know that your camera gear is safe, especially when the total value in my messenger exceeds the value of my 1970 VW Beetle. On a typical day out with the Brixton, I have my Olympus camera, a macro lense, a 12-40mm pro lense, two small body cap lenses, a GoPro Hero 4, an extra camera battery, extra SD card, camera charger, and a few other small items. I’ve never run out of room with all of this gear, and the bag is also never too heavy, even with my MacBook air inside. The Brixton is an impressively flawless functioning camera bag that I enjoy taking everywhere I go.

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The Antique Cognac color is perhaps one of my favorite colors of leather I have worked with. As mentioned earlier, because the leather has been waxed, it is easily marked and scuffed up. I personally only enjoy certain functioning bags to develop the patina everyone seeks after. The bags I want to develop patinas are the bags I take on trips and other ventures. I do not want my business or professional bags to be marked or scuffed. The Brixton is my number one adventure bag, so the patina and marks it has already develop are very welcome in my eyes. Every time I use The Brixton I am pleased with how it functions, feels, and especially, looks. Photographers in Banff, Mt. Bachelor, Portland, and pretty much everywhere I have taken the Brixton ask about it and what I think. Every time I tell them I have enjoyed every moment of its use, and if you are searching for a stylish bag to hold a solid amount of camera gear, ONA Bags has several choices for you.





ONA Bags has impressed me from the very beginning. Their line of products is unmatched in the leather camera gear market, their employees are respectful and earnest, and the bag I own has been flawless. I couldn’t ask for anything else from a leather company. If you are an established professional photographer or even an amateur like I am, taking a look at ONA Bags and investing in a quality leather camera bag will not be a decision you regret. At $429, The Brixton is a fantastic choice and will outlast your expensive camera gear. Head over to their website to check out some leather camera gear that you deserve.

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