Spencer Collection by Design Unsanctioned $25-$40

Style comes and goes, but class is timeless. That’s how I feel when it comes to brass, and even more so when combined with timeless materials like wood and leather. In a high tech world of poly plastics, carbon fiber, and titanium trinkets, there is something sacred in hearkening back to the materials our great grandfathers knew and used in their everyday carry. Just as well worn leather is a beauty to behold, brass achieving it’s own patina over time makes it a favorite for anyone who appreciates a good vintage vibe with their EDC.



Design Unsanctioned is a Brooklyn based design studio that jump started their brand with a successful Kickstarter campaign introducing their Spencer Collection. This small collection is a blend of classic materials with a modern design. Precision milled solid brass bottle openers and key hooks, with beautiful walnut inlays and top-grain leather straps.

Solid and beautifully simple were my first impressions when holding a piece of the collection. At first I considered this a fairly modern design, but I’ve found myself thinking this has a early 60’s feel and I can imagine Don Draper from the show Mad Men using one of these brass bottle openers. Brass, wood and leather truly are timeless and these pieces echo that in their form.

When it comes to function, these pieces perform exactly as you’d expect them to. I find the mini bottle opener to be much more direct in function as compared to the larger model. With the larger bottle opener you may find yourself having to find the correct side to apply to the bottle cap. And that may become more difficult depending on how many bottle tops were popped previously, if you take my meaning. They’re both enjoyable bottle openers, and I love handing them to people and seeing their amazed expressions while they closely examine the piece and inquire where to get one.





The keyhook looks great on raw denim, and does great at holding your keys in a classy manner. I’ve found that it’s better to wear it without a belt, or you may find that the sharper edges of the key hook maybe possibly mar the outer finish of your belt. If you put the kind of money into a leather belt that I do, then that’s not something you’ll want to find out the hard way so be wary of how you carry with it. What I really like the idea of quickly hooking up your keys to your satchel.


The leather is full grain with a quality finish. The pieces are perfectly cut with laser precision, so you’ll never find a flaw in the shape. Some folks will prefer their leather goods to be die cut, but these leather pieces are small and it produces a fine end result in my opinion. The sturdy key fob makes for a great accent on most belts, and a comfortable way to carry your keys about. Unfortunately for me the key fob won’t quite fit on my 1.75″ wide Mountain Belt from Craft and Lore. But I’m in a very small minority of folks who wear such a wide belt, and just about any belt would fit this piece of the collection.

All in all this is a great collection from Design Unsanctioned, and I look forward to their future collections. Be sure to check out their Look Book and if you own any pieces from their collection be sure to let us know what you think.

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