Saddleback Leather Hobo Mini Crossbody Purse – $159

In a world of big bags, big sunglasses, and oversized sweaters, sometimes a tiny bag is refreshing. At 8″ x 7.5″ x 3″, the Saddleback Leather Mini Hobo Crossbody Purse is definitely tiny. It’s a miniature version of their Hobo Crossbody Purse, a bag that I also happen to own in the Carbon color. I have been a big fan of that bag over the ten-ish months that I’ve owned it, so I was excited to check out Saddleback’s smaller version when they sent it in for review last month.



Made of full-grain leather and double-stitched with polyester cord, this bag is not going to fall apart any time this decade, or probably this century.  The dark coffee brown leather is lined on the inside with light pigskin, which is easy to clean. The leather itself has a lovely matte, dark brown color and is nice and stiff, which is better for such a small bag so that the sides don’t fall in on themselves. The Hobo Mini Crossbody Purse comes in four colors: tobacco, dark coffee brown, chestnut, and carbon. My dark coffee brown bag is a very versatile and rich color.



Three rivets fasten the top half of the latch to the body of the bag, which is a hefty nickel-plated lobster claw clasp. The adjustable strap is held on by D-rings and lobster claw clasps on either side. There is a slim pocket on the back which spans the width of the bag. There’s another similar pocket on the inside, for quick access to your cell phone or cards.


The leather is extremely strong and sturdy, as are the seams. There have been a few flyaway threads, which is not uncommon with Saddleback Leather products. The company recently posted a video of a fun way of getting rid of pesky threads, which you can view here on their Vine account.



The Hobo Mini Crossbody Purse is the perfect size for all your essentials, and you can dress it up or keep it casual.  It only weighs a pound, and it’s nice to take on a night out when you don’t need anything more than your phone, keys, and cards. The strap is nice and long, and it’s adjustable, which is nice if you’re on the taller side. You can wear this over the shoulder or crossbody, and adjust the strap to your liking. You could even detach the strap altogether if you wanted to use it as a clutch.


Now, while I think this purse is very cute and well-built, I have a bit of a beef with the functionality. The gigantic clasp is total overkill. On the original, bigger version of the Hobo Crossbody Purse, the clasp is cumbersome, but still openable with one hand due to more surface area. This miniature one is virtually impossible to open one-handed, and even with two hands, it’s not fast or easy. Which is fine if you don’t really plan on taking your stuff out or are worried about pickpockets. You can slide your phone in the back pocket if you need to access it in a pinch. So, if you plan on purchasing this bag, just think about whether or not quick, one-handed access to the main pouch is important to you.



The Saddleback Leather Mini Hobo Crossbody Purse is adorable, and very sturdily crafted from high-quality leather. Its simple and straightforward design won’t go out of style and will last you a lifetime. If you don’t mind fiddling around a bit with a clasp, then this is a great, handcrafted purse, at the fair price of $159.

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