Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet Review – $55.00

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I’m usually a creature of habit. Oatmeal with walnuts and raisins for breakfast, Blue Chuck Taylor All Stars for the gym, and the list could go on. However, when it comes to my Everyday Carry, I’m always looking for ways to refine and hone the things I always have on me.  My wallet usually inhabits my rear pocket, but lately it’s been bothering me especially when driving.  After doing some serious research in the hallowed annals of men’s billfolds, I came across Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet – A wallet that goes in your front pocket might sound like hearsay, but read on brethren, and you too might become believers.


The Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet measures in at about 5.75” inches long by 3.4 inches tall and is about a quarter of an inch thick when empty. It weighs in at 1.6 ounces. Rogue Industries offers this model in multiple textiles including Moose leather, Nylon, Waxed Canvas, etc. The model I opted for was Bison Leather. I chose Bison because the leather has a unique grain pattern and is inherently very rugged looking. The large porous nature of the skin also makes this breathable which is a must for me since I loathe pulling out a sweaty billfold. This puppy is made in Maine, USA and carries a 2 year warranty.


First off, this wallet smells great. Before Covid it wasn’t uncommon to see me fidgeting with my wallet while waiting to get my crown repaired at the dentist. Now I do so socially distanced in my home. What makes Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet so popular is the signature half taco shape that just slips effortlessly into your front pocket. If you take a pair of your favorite jeans/shorts, hold them up and look at the front pockets from the interior of the pants, you’ll notice the wallet is shaped very similarly to the pocket – which makes it sit naturally.

This is a great feature especially when driving or moving around frequently, front pocket wallets tend to stay more secure and are much less prone to falling out than your back wallet. You could go to put your wallet in your back pocket and miss and never knew it hit the ground, that’s much harder to do when the wallet is in front of you.

Wallet retrieval is very smooth and once out operates like any billfold.  There’s plenty of space for cards, and if you want you can opt for the ID window version as well. Another brilliant feature is RFID blocking to protect your credit/security access cards from thieves. Speaking of which, a front pocket wallet is nearly impossible to pickpocket.



I really dig the look of this wallet. It’s not another yawn worthy billfold. The Bison leather looks great and really gives this wallet depth and a tangible testament to American craftsmanship. Sometimes a quality wallet gives a great, but subtle impression. Say you pay for your coworkers lunch and pull out this classy wallet, I’m sure they’ll look right at it and notice it’s a quality piece.



I’ve always been a back pocket wallet type of guy. However, the design and functionality of The Rogue Industries Front Pocket Wallet is hard to pass up. It’s a more comfortable carry, especially when sitting. The added security of RFID blocking and having your wallet in front of you as opposed to behind just makes sense. The wallet’s fit and finish are great, and the materials seem top notch. I’m kind of taken back at the 2 year warranty but at the $55 price point it’s not a deal breaker. 

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