Ashbury Skies Bendy Shoe Review – $149.95

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If there is one thing I learned from this year amid the pandemic, it is to buy American made goods. When everything was sold out, it just showed how vulnerable we were. After my wife’s Toms died (Thank goodness because it looked like Forrest Gump ran from Nevada to Kansas in them) I learned about a company that not only places emphasis on the planet, but manufacturers their shoes in sunny California. Read on in our feature of the Ashbury Skies Bendy Shoe Review.


The Bendy comes is available in a wide array colors. The model reviewed is in Denim. The uppers on the Bendy are made from Italian sourced leathers produced in a ethically responsible tannery. The cushioned footbed is made from slow recovery eco foam. The accordion style outsole provides for optimum flexibility. These shoes are made in California.


Ashbury Skies Bendy shoe really shines as a go to travel shoe. Anytime we’re out, if my wife isn’t wearing them, then she has them in her bag. We were recently on a trip to Philadelphia and had an extensvie walking tour of the historic district. It was a sweltering day and my wife and I had flip flops on. Needless to say within an hour our feet were pummeled. My wife took her Bendy’s out of her bag (They’re very compact for travel) and slipped them on and was intstantly trotting from the Liberty Bell to the Museum of Art while I suffered in silence. Never have I envied women’s shoes so much.

The cushoned foam is very plush and will form to your foot. The result is a very comrotable “rebound” when you walk, almost like little springs are at work. Even riding a bike was no issue. 


The denim colorway looks really cute and contrasts nicely with the white outsole. Although we feel you do have to keep them really clean to maintain that fresh look as the slightest mark seems to stand out on the bright colors. The exterior is very soft and these make for a perfect summer or fall aesthetic. Bendy’s come in multiple colorways so finding the perfect pair should be a breeze. We love the carefree looks the Bendy exudes and often find after trying to match shoes to an outfit, the Bendy never seems to be at a loss. 


Simply put, we love The Ashbury Skies Bendy Shoe. It functions as an excellent travel shoe that exhibits great versatility and all day comfort. The price point is definitely a hurdle. However, the eco friendly-made in America attributes make this shoe a feel good purchase. 

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