Personalized Brass Luggage Tag Review

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Imagine the panic of losing your precious luggage in the airport with no way for the finder to return it… If they would be so honest. This luggage tag is a classy ticket to getting your precious travel bag back at a pretty fair price.

The tag is stamped from a solid piece of .4 gauge brass. It looks and feels substantial, there is no doubt it will last just as long as the bag. The small leather strap that comes with it probably won’t last a long time but at the price an alternative can be found. On the Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase it looks stunning and receives constant attention.

Click on the box below to go to Ebay, purchase the tag, fill out the seller’s custom form, and soon receive this excellent luggage tag.

Photos taken by Kristin Kastning.


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This is such a great item. Thank you for the review. Could you tell me what font you used for your tag?


That is cursive.

The Trophy Shoppe

The font shown is actually Park Avenue, shown in the eBay listing. My company manufactured this tag.
Thank you!


[…] The buckle strap gets the most stress and has held up well so far. When the briefcase is filled to capacity the strap still feels solid when you tug on it to get the snug buckle slot.Still loving my brass luggage tag. […]