Mr. Lentz Medium Duffel Bag Review – $440

I’ve been impressed by a leather wallet assembled with rivets, but how about a whole duffel bag? The Mr. Lentz Medium Duffel Bag is a beautiful, sturdy, threadless overnighter that I’m happy to recommend for a variety of uses.

About Mr. Lentz

Mr. Lentz is an artist, a creator, and a cowboy. He believes in the value of creating something with your hands and from the heart. Each product is made to order. The leather and metal only products are a trademark of the company. In Mr. Lentz’ own words: “You just can’t beat that mixture.” Mr. Lentz also enjoys sharing his talents on his blog, encouraging others to get out and go back to the classic ways of doing things. Overall he’s a guy who puts a lot of passion into his work, and I definitely suggest dropping by his about page to read more.

All Mr. Lentz items have the Lentz brand and a product number.

Leather & Construction

Let’s talk about the two things in Mr. Lentz’ favorite mixture: leather and metal.

First, leather. Premium, full-grain, USA sourced leather makes up this duffel. It is as strong as it is pretty. It smells amazing. This is just plain, simple, quality leather. My favorite kind. Thickness is good for plenty of durability without overly weighing you down, based on the size of the bag. Edges are cut cleanly and smooth.

Next, metal. There’s a lot of durable thread out there, but none has the longevity of metal. If a well made leather item does need repair, it’s usually because the thread has worn out. Mr. Lentz avoids it entirely here. It only takes a few rivets to replace an entire row of thread. It would be challenging to make a direct comparison between the two options as to which has more pull strength, but in my experience the rivets hold up very well. It’s a unique concept and I’m a fan.


This is the first bag that I’ve used around this size. It’s not as large as what I’d usually think of when I think of a “duffel.” This is a true overnighter; there’s just enough room for a change of clothes and a few other small items. I’ve also tried it as a basic computer or camera bag. My 13″ MacBook Pro fits, but only at an angle. A tablet computer would be a better choice for this bag. My small mirrorless camera fit with plenty of room–this would be an awesome camera bag with the help of a camera packing cube. I haven’t tested this myself, but I also suspect it could work well as a tool bag. It’s a really good size for a variety of day-outing or overnight applications.

A carry sample: small dopp, jeans, belt, paperback, socks, two t-shirts, wallet, charger, earbuds.

One of my first thoughts when I realized this bag was assembled solely with rivets was, what about small items? Couldn’t something like a pen slip through the gaps between rivets? So I tested this out. I was able to force a pen through the spaces between rivets, but it took a reasonable amount of effort. Only items much smaller than a pen would face any risk of falling out on their own. Everything larger will be well secured under the side panels, which can be secured with snaps, and the cover flap, held down with two buckles. The duffel isn’t waterproofed, though good conditioner can help prevent water damage.

Nothing bigger than a button will make it through gaps between rivets.


The Mr. Lentz duffel uses strong, simple design to stand out. The appearance is clean and sophisticated, but simultaneously very rugged. The brass buckles and rivets are polished and lend themselves well to exhibiting sturdiness.

This duffel is a beautiful palette of natural tan colored leather. I personally think most leather products are at their best without dye, and I love the appearance of this bag. I’ve heard criticism of natural colored leather about it being too plain or lacking character, but that’s just nonsense. The individual markings and grain patterns from the cow are highly visible, ensuring you’re buying a one-of-a-kind product. Over time as this bag is used, treated with conditioner, and exposed to the sun it will continue to develop a beautiful patina. This patina will make it even more uniquely your own. This bag is beautiful now and will be more beautiful in the future.

Some of the natural, unique leather markings on my duffel.


I just love using products that focus on everything important and nothing that isn’t. The Mr. Lentz Medium Duffel Bag is a great example of this philosophy. Strong, beautiful leather skillfully (and cleverly) assembled into a highly functional design. This multi-purpose bag is going to treat you well for a lifetime–Mr. Lentz guarantees it with his 100 Year Guarantee. The price isn’t low, but you’re getting what you pay for. I recommend this duffel as a Bestleather Buy It For Life item.

Optional internal storage (+$80) provides a place for keys, wallet, etc.

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