Maxwell Scott Bags “The Pienza” Review – $59

Every person who has ever had a bag without a penholder knows the pains that come with its absence. I have gone through numerous penholders in my 20 years of life, and I don’t think I have ever been as excited about a penholder until I received the Maxwell Scott Pienza. The practicality, quality leather, and deep black color were enough to make me want to buy some pens and pencils worthy of occupying its sleeve.




“Family owned and run, Maxwell Scott Bags is founded on a shared love of Italy, a passion for design, and a firm belief in the importance of excellent customer service.” Currently based out of North England, Maxwell Scott Bags was founded in 2002 with one goal: to become the most loved British bag company in the world. With a company revamp in 2013, the founders began a new vision. “The new brand identity comes from a blend of elements considered sacred to the company founders: craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a passion for creating individual style.” Be sure to read up about the company and its history, as well as keeping up with the Maxwell Scott Journal.



The Pienza is constructed using full-grain, black Italian leather. The inside is a durable, wipe-clean lining, which allows for smooth pen and pencil removal. The beautiful black leather is stitched with same color, heavy duty thread, giving the penholder a luxuriously sturdy feel. In the hand, the Pienza feels expertly constucted. It is sturdy, yet flexible. Durable, yet supple. The leather flap is easily opened and closed and provides adequate space for longer writing tools. At 2.1 inches wide, .7 inches deep, and 6 inches long, there is plenty of space for 3 to 4 pens and pencils. This penholder is gorgeously durable, which is important if you will be using it often like I have.




Function and Aesthetic

Penholders have one function: to hold pens and pencils. Everyone who has asked and criticized me on why I have a luxury leather penholder to hold a few pens quickly changed their mind after touching, using, and admiring The Pienza. Because of its small size, the penholder is easily pocketed or thrown in to a messenger bag. I used my penholder to store a metal mechanical pencil, a pen/stylus hybrid, and a highlighter. I have used The Pienza for several weeks now and nothing has turned me off from this piece. The rich, elegant, black leather, sturdy construction, and supple touch seamlessly come together to form a perfect accessory to any leather connoisseur with other leather pieces.




I can honestly say I was hesitant at the idea of using such a nice penholder. Before I had Maxwell Scott Bags The Pienza, I would keep my pens and pencils thrown together in a random pocket or used a cheap nylon zipper bag penholder. Now, I’m unusually conscious and dismayed by those who throw their writing tools in a pocket as I once did. When I show them The Pienza penholder, they always appear confused, wondering how something so small and elegant could have such an impact on daily life. If you are tired of bag disorganization and inefficiency, I highly recommend buying a penholder. Maxwell Scott Bags has developed a splendidly ideal penholder standard. The $59 price tag is absolutely worth converting to this luxurious pen holding lifestyle.

Please be sure to visit Maxwell Scott Bags’ website and view all of their beautiful leather products:


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