Marked Leather Passport Holder Review – $65

Traveling internationally – whether by air, boat, rail, or automobile is always an exciting undertaking. And, it definitely requires some advance planning. Whenever I have an upcoming trip, I make a list of things that need to go with me and I ensure that everything has a place. When I travel out of the United States, I’m keenly aware of my passport’s location at all times. So, it makes sense to store it in a manner that protects it, yet keeps it handy too. And, if you can do it in a stylish manner too…well, that’s just icing on the cake.


About Marked Leather

This is the second piece from Marked Leather that we’ve reviewed. Recently we published a review of the Marked Satchel (another great piece for travel…and you’ll see a picture of the Passport Holder with the Satchel there too). Marked Leather is based out of Minneapolis, MN. With an eye for attractive, fashion forward designs and a focus on using quality materials, Marked Leather is making a good name for itself in the leather industry.



The Marked Leather Passport Holder doesn’t have any visible scars on it. However, its pebbled texture is soft, supple and floppy. Soft, floppy leather feels really good. The leather used is a thinner cowhide. Marked Leather previously used a heavier, thicker vegetable tanned leather for their passport holders. However, it was stiff and somewhat bulky. So, they switched over to thinner leather, reducing bulk, and offering a more flexible holder. The thread used is nylon. On my particular passport holder, the thread is an attractive medium blue color and creates a nice contrast with the dark brown leather.

Inside you’ll find a slip pocket for the passport on the right along with a nicely designed cardholder. On the left side is a pocket for other travel related paperwork.



I do like the thin profile of this passport holder. It’s flexible enough that I can keep my passport in the holder while maneuvering it to scan at a ticket kiosk. If you prefer, you can use the pocket on the inner left to secure the front cover of your passport – this too speeds up the maneuvering process in my opinion. It certainly does not add much bulk to your passport’s profile and allows you to slide your passport into a coat pocket or the pocket of a bag/backpack with ease.



The pebble grain texture of this medium brown leather looks fantastic. And, as already mentioned, it has a very supple feel to it. The thread seams are excellent. The Marked™ tag is tastefully placed on the inside just below the card slot. All in all, I really like the way the Marked Leather Passport Case looks with my passport in it. It generates a feeling of sophistication and a level of organization that I appreciate.



The Marked Leather Passport Case is a winner. If you enjoy leather accessories and like to keep your personal items swathed in attractive, durable leather, then order one…you’ll be pleased.

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