Mack Provisions American Pastime Wallet Review – $125

Last time we worked with Mack Provisions, we were treated to their totally unique Minimalist  Baseball Glove Wallet. This time KC is up to bat with The American Pastime Wallet, a bifold that is currently being featured on Kickstarter. It has the same soul as its little brother, but with a little more space for carrying your cash and cards. So if you liked the minimalist version but were still sitting skeptically in the bleachers due to the carry capacity, read on and maybe you’ll get on the field with Mack Provisions.


The Pastime wallet’s shell is made from full grain, vegetable tanned Hermann Oak leather. It’s pretty light colored initially, but will darken with age and use. Fil Au Chinois Lin is what holds it all together, it’s a waxed lined thread that is wear resistant and long lasting. The pockets of the wallet are made from vintage full grain baseball gloves. All the edges are hand burnished to preserve the exposed leather grain. Upon close inspection the wallet seems to be made from 4 pieces of leather which are the outer shell, inside slotted pocket and both card pockets.



The Pastime wallet’s straightforward design ensures a simple carry. You have 2 slots for cards and a main sleeve for bills. I always like to keep the bare minimum in my wallet, so the limited organisation worked for me. If you carry a dozen cards and routinely need to access them, this might be a challenge for you. This is a handmade leather wallet, so break in is necessary and pocket comfort will be absent for a bit but have patience and that sumptuous leather will perfectly conform to your glutes.


The Pastime has a clean, classic look. I wish the exterior would have been made of baseball mitts, but finding and salvaging a swatch of leather that big from a glove would be nearly impossible. The interior however opens up the lid on nostalgia with two card pockets using vintage leather. The exterior shell will darken overtime to better match the interior pockets. The Mack Provisions stamp adds great character to the wallet and I look forward to seeing how it ages over use.


It was a pleasure handling another wallet from KC. The same craftsmanship and attention to detail were a welcome sign. While it didn’t quite have the same magic for me as the minimalist version, I found the billfold design and card pockets a definite upgrade in usability. Mack Provisions American Pastime Wallet is a strong choice for those who are a looking for a little more than just a simple wallet.

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