J. Ryan & Co. The Minimalist in Shark Leather Review – $175

Here at Bestleather we have reviewed several companies whose products are consistently top-notch quality. J. Ryan & Company, LLC is one of those few, and each of their products has been a hit on our site. Today we will be revisiting the previously reviewed Minimalist Wallet, only this time with new leathers and a broken in condition.


J. Ryan & Company, LLC is an Emmett, Idaho based company known for their custom exotic holster offerings, but more recently adding items such as belts, strops, and wallets. If you’re looking for a highly finished leather product, look no further. In contrast to the recently popular raw leather look, Jim and his company aim to bring you products that incorporate the best tans, dying, wax stuffing, and exotic leathers, custom made for the discerning individual.


Without a doubt, the Minimalist wallet is one of the most sturdily constructed wallets I have ever used. The burnished edges and relatively small shape make the wallet strong and sleek. This version of the Minimalist wallet consists of shark skin, hardrolled horse hide, and a pigskin lining. The internal body of the wallet is made from the horsehide leather. This leather offers the rigid, durable feel of the wallet, and provide a beautiful contrast for the shark skin on the outer layers.

Each of the layers are machine stitched together with the sturdy #277 bonded nylon thread. Even with several months of use (and too many trips in and out of my pockets), not one stich has popped or frayed. This thread provides a nice contrast to the very textured sharkskin and the burnished edges all the way around.


The Minimalist Wallet is designed to fit 4-8 cards, some cash, and a few receipts. During my extensive use, I have comfortably held 8-9 cards, 2 business cards, and a few bills here and there with minimal pocket stretching. The cut in pocket is the exact size of most of my cards, so if you have more cards than usual it can be a little difficult to slide the cards in neatly. You may need to use some force at first, but over time the wallet stretches just the right amount for a snug yet secure fit.

The Minimalist Wallet’s shape is so sleek and refined, that it is perfect for any pocket you choose. Personally, I carry my wallets in my back pocket most of the time. However, if I feel like there is a chance that I could get pick-pocketed, I slip the wallet in to my front pockets with no problem, just to be safe. If you require a little extra space for cards or cash, J. Ryan is be happy to custom make the pockets for customers, it will just take a little longer than in stock items.


I guarantee people are going to check out your Minimalist Wallet every time you pull it out. This wallet is simply beautiful. The textures from the shark skin and pig lining are contrasted very well with the horsehide, and the rich shades of brown all make for a unique and noticeable wallet. If the look of these leathers do not suit your style, be sure to check out the other versions of the same wallet made with different leathers on their website.


The Minimalist Wallet from J. Ryan & Company lives up to their reputation of high-quality products. I have been thoroughly impressed with this wallet and recommend it any time people are looking for a functional, minimal, and unique wallet. Overall, the excellent quality of the Minimalist wallet is almost unprecedented, and it is bound to end up in the hands of your children and grandchildren if handled with care.

This article was written by former BestLeather writer T.J. McWhorter.

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