Loyal Stricklin Loyal Travel Wallet Review – $156

It’s amazing how many different types of wallets are out there. Do a quick Google search and you will find countless styles from almost every leather maker. So which do you choose? I won’t answer that for you, but if you are looking for something unique, well made, and useful, Loyal Stricklin provides.

The name says it all for the Loyal Travel Wallet. This is the second wallet from Loyal Stricklin that we have reviewed. Just like the front pocket wallet, this is one of the best wallets for travel that I have seen. The sheer quality will guarantee it will stay true to its owner for many adventures to come.

Loyal Stricklin 1


Loyal Stricklin does not disappoint with their build quality. The wallet is made from 4oz. Horween Chromexcel horsehide and stitched together with sturdy thread. Just like the other Loyal Stricklin wallet reviewed, this one is rugged looking without being rough. Each of the four pieces that make up the wallet are perfectly cut, sewn together, and finished with smooth burnished edges.

Loyal Stricklin 2


The Loyal Travel Wallet easily carries everything that a traveler needs on a vacation. The slots can accommodate up to eight cards, the money pocket is roomy enough to tote a normal amount of cash, and the exterior pocket holds all the boarding passes you would need.

Loyal Stricklin 3

An added bonus is the included field journal and pen, allowing you to always be able to document anything that may happen without needing anything other than your wallet. Travel wallets that can carry all of these things typically are too large to fit in any pant pockets but this one slides right into the back without a hitch; however, it does stick out of the pocket a bit which, for me, is a problem, especially when traveling in tourist areas where pickpockets are rampant. Although, if you like having a chain on your wallet, there is a metal hole built in just for this purpose. For frequent jacket wearers, the wallet fits perfectly in the inside pockets. If you fit into either of these categories then the size will not be an issue.

Loyal Stricklin 4

When buying a wallet, especially one as nice as this one, I look for something that can be used in multiple situations. Outside of travel, I don’t know how much I will personally use this, but my wife loves it. The wallet fits nicely in a typical purse as well as a clutch. It is big enough to hold all the extra paper and accessories (hair ties and bobby pens) that I usually find in her wallet and because she is a list maker, the added pen and journal are perfect. Amazingly enough, Loyal Stricklin’s wallet has nearly replace her basic purse. If it was a half inch longer, it could replace the checkbook too.

Loyal Stricklin 5

Loyal Stricklin 6


This wallet is gorgeous. The Horween leather used has a deep, rich brown color giving it a very understated look. Although you can get this model with colorful stitching, the one that I have blends right in with the rest of the wallet. Loyal Stricklin really hit it home with the design. It doesn’t look like you are going out on an expedition with heavy duty buckles, leather straps, and pouches all over the wallet, but instead, it has a sleek design that hides and secures everything in it making it more at home for daily use.

Loyal Stricklin 7


Loyal Stricklin 8

This is definitely one of the best all-around travel wallets I have ever seen. It provides enough space and pockets to carry the basic travel needs including a journal on the go. The construction is fabulous and well thought out as well. The price is steep for an occasional travel item, but if you find yourself on many adventures or like to carry a journal everywhere, but have no good way to carry it, this is a wallet to consider. If you are in the market for a travel wallet, this is definitely a BestLeather Buy It For Life item.

Check out this wallet and other great gear from Loyal Stricklin here!

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