Craft & Lore Northwestward Field Notes Review – $80

If you’re a scatterbrain like me and need a mini notebook to carry around with you to keep track of life, you will know that notebooks break apart quickly when carried every day. That’s where the Craft And Lore Northwestward Field Notes cover shines. It is a leather cover for the supplied Field Notes notebook with a few card slots on the inside.

Chad Von Lind is the owner, and maker of Craft And Lore. He produces fine hand made leather goods out of his home shop Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He is both “In word and deed” an honest, hard working, and skilled craftsman.



The Craft & Lore Northwestward Field Notes cover is made from quality Belgium tanned 4/5oz saddle leather. This weight of leather is ideal in my opinion. Thicker and tougher than a 2/3oz however any thicker and it would be a pain to carry. The dye is applied evenly and the finish is smooth, with a nice sheen. It closes via two quality snaps that are set firmly. The piece is hand stitched together with heavy duty waxed thread. He pays every attention to the details when stitching. Backstitching is done at the beginning and end of all stitching lines making the strongest bond.



Having used the notebook cover daily now for 2 weeks or so, I am a big fan. It is like my organizational hub. I run two business in addition to writing for BestLeather so I have lots to keep track of and it is great to have a notebook on me at all times. I also need to carry two sets of business cards and the two card slots are perfect for my needs.


My only issue with it is the pen slot. You cannot fit a full sized pen in the designed slot. It is designed for a mini pen, which I don’t have. However this may be a positive for you. Now the biggest plus in my eyes is that the leather cover prolongs the life of the notebook inside, by quite a lot. This allows me to keep my important ‘scribblings’ safe for much longer than if I were to throw it in my pocket un-protected.



Aesthetics is a difficult topic, as it is purely subjective. However as leather connoisseurs, most of us can agree on how quality leather good looks. Quality leather consists of a nice even dye, a good finish with a pleasing luster, even straight stitching, and properly set snaps. The Northwestward Field Notes encompasses all of those aesthetics making it a very high quality, aesthetically pleasing cover.


BestLeather Conclusion

The Craft & Lore Northwestward Field Notes is a great addition for the unorganized. A very well built organizational hub for you notes and business/credit cards. You can also use it as a passport holder too! It is perfect for someone who needs to carry two sets of business cards. Aesthetically it is a gorgeous piece of art. Functionally it performs well, it will keep the contents safe and secure and is easy to use. However, it will require the purchase and use of a smaller pen. But with that said, it will prolong the life of your notebook in a beautiful handmade in Idaho package.

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I think a Fisher Space Pen may fit. It doesn’t have the drawbacks of most “mini” pens and has the advantage of writing under water and in space. 🙂 Seriously, it’s the best ballpoint in the world, outlasts any other pen, and looks cool.


Awesome suggestion! Thanks.


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