Koch Leather – Shipping Kickstarter Rewards While Maintaining Superior Quality

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Koch Leather finished up a successful Kickstarter campaign back in the middle of August. Since that time, they’ve been working feverishly to hand craft and ship out the many assorted Kickstarter rewards. After reviewing two great Koch Leather pieces (their small Horween tote and a guitar strap) prior to their Kickstarter campaign, I decided to embark upon my own Kickstarter journey. I decided to back their campaign (my first Kickstarter campaign as a backer). I chose to back at the $50 level…wish it could have been more…but, oh well, which gave me the ability to receive one of their Field Notes Sleeves in Horween leather.


Recently I received my reward piece and it is stunning. It is just like their other products – attention to detail is over the top, stitching is immaculate, and the Horween leather is fantastic. I am very pleased with my decision to back Koch Leather. I look forward to watching this company continue to grow, refine their skills, expand their product line, and flourish.


The Koch Leather website is open and they are geared up to take orders. So, check ’em out and get a few things ordered…the holidays are approaching quickly!


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