JJ Suspenders Sierra Nevada Review – $79.00

There’s been warring factions in the men’s accessories world for ages. The Tie vs Bowtie, watch vs bracelet and so on. The mighty belt has held up man’s pants for ages, but suspenders are making a comeback. I find they do a better job at holding up your pants, and when it comes to doing it handsomely, JJ Suspenders’ Sierra Nevada’s excel. 


The Sierra Nevada’s are about ¾” thick. The stitching is clean and tight along the seams as well. These suspenders are of the Y back variety and feature a rich cognac colorway. The full grain leather is quite pliable and feels soft and smooth. Weathered metal hardware is used at all buckle points.  


Suspenders have a few advantages over belts. The elastic back strap keeps comfortable tension on pants. Where a belt relies on uncomfortable pressure around the waist, suspenders…well, they suspend your pants by placing the weight bearing pull from the pants over your shoulders. I will admit when using the bathroom, suspenders can be a little more finicky. 

Thanks to the single back clip, getting these on is a breeze. The length is easily adjustable by the buckles on either ends. The leather is smooth and comfortable on the skin and especially over the shoulders.


When paired with a quality button up shirt, it’s hard not to look good in these suspenders. The honey tones of the Sierra Nevada’s mesh nicely with almost any color. These suspenders also enhance the shoulders, creating a more broad silhouette. It’s so hard going back to a boring belt after dawning these. 


We’re really impressed with the fit and finish of JJ Suspenders Sierra Nevada Suspenders. The look is on point and the price is affordable. These are a truly versatile fashion accessory that would compliment most wardrobes.

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