How to customize your Leather Jacket to make it “The Best!”

How to customize your Leather Jacket to make it “The Best!”

Our clothes are often a representation of our personality. The colors we like, the “vibe” we go for all translates to our overall aura. This explains why most of us love the idea of customizing our wardrobes and clothes. After all, it is the perfect way to ensure that your clothes represent who you are truely

When it comes to leather jackets, the clothing item itself was once quite a statement. Previously, its use was limited to bikers or those wishing to reflect a bold and intense vibe. However, a lot has changed in the past few years.

Now, leather jackets are seen as a staple form of fashion. Trends change, but somehow these jackets have weathered all the storm! Whether you are pairing it with a dress or jeans, there is a lot you can do with leather jackets.

With the popularity of such jackets, there has also been a rising demand for tailored leather jackets. If you are also very particular about how your clothes look, here are ways you can customize your leather jacket to make it the best.

  • Know what you want

Before you begin customizing a leather jacket, you must first take a step back and think about why you are purchasing a leather jacket, to begin with. Are you looking for the perfect outwear for a night out? Or do you plan on wearing the jacket every day during the winter?

How you choose to answer these questions will govern which type of leather jacket is ideal for you. While we may say that such jackets have now become part of various wardrobe styles, including casual and smart casual, the fact remains that different occasions call for different styles of jackets.

So, begin by identifying your need.

  • Pick a material

Once you are clear on where and how you plan on using your jacket, the real customization begins. Right from the get-go, you must decide what type of leather you want your leather jacket to be made from.

  • Steerhide or cowhide is ideal for creating tough and durable leather jackets.
  • Deerskin is considerably lighter in weight and hence ideal for designing warm-weather jackets. However, note that they don’t resist wear and tear like cowhide.
  • Goatskin is even lighter than deerskin. Many prefer its distinctive appearance.
  • Lambskin is perfect for those looking for comfort. It is considered to be the silkiest, softest and luxurious leather. However, it is not durable.
  • Calfskin strikes a balance between durability and comfort and hence is widely used.

Decide whether you want comfort, durability, or a mix of both. Pick a leather type accordingly.

  • Choose your jacket type.

Then, in line with your needs, you must pick a type of jacket. Some options you can choose from include:

  • Biker Jacket: The cropped leather jacket with asymmetric zips and studs is usually paired with slim jeans and is considered to be “edgy.”
  • Field Jacket: A slightly longer jacket equipped with multiple pockets and considered to be ideal for winters.
  • Bomber Jacket: The most versatile jacket on the list, featuring a fitted waist and centered zip.
  • Racer Jacket: The minimalistic style ideal for showcasing broad shoulders.

Know that these are just some of the popular types of jackets out there. You can choose to take elements from each of them and create your own piece too! After all, that is the biggest benefit of customization.

  • Now come the additions!

A custom leather jacket for men or women requires you to make many decisions, even beyond deciding the type of jacket! Once you have decided on the material and type, you must also figure out what design and embellishments you want on your jacket.

Here are some of the popular additions you can choose from.

Floral Prints

These days, floral prints are quite the raging storm. If you are a fan of the trend, you can easily incorporate it into your leather jacket! In fact, a floral biker jacket sounds like the perfect twist to a classic style.


Even today, some of the most famous leather jacket looks are ones made of sheepskin and featuring fur. If you are creating a winter jacket, you might want to hold onto this style.


While initially studded jackets were worn by mercenaries, now they have been reduced to mere embellishments. If you like making a statement, go ahead and add those studs to your jacket!


Just like ripped jeans, jackets with patches are considered an acceptable form of fashion. If you are opting for a jacket for casual wear, patches on the elbow won’t hurt.


If you see any sixties American movie, the chances are that you will find at least one character wearing jackets with tassels. While it may not be suitable for formal occasions, people who like putting on funky attire will appreciate the power of tassels on jackets.

  • Be careful about the fitting

Once you have selected your jacket material, style and additions, the customization is pretty much done – except for one very crucial element. Fitting!

After all, what is the point of customizing your jacket if you don’t pay attention to the one issue which persists when purchasing ready-made jackets? Make sure you give the right size to the apparel store.

Here is how you can know if a given jacket fits well:

  • It shouldn’t bind you. There should be enough room in the jacket for you to move and stretch easily.
  • The leather jacket should hang close to your body. It should be a snug fit with enough room for a sweater for the winter days.
  • Wear a hoodie or sweater underneath, and then take measurements if you plan to use your jacket for winter protection.
  • The leather jacket should mold itself to your body. The sleeves should end at your wrist, while the length of the jacket should be till your waist unless you wish otherwise.

Remember, leather material is not easily alterable. So, get it right from the beginning.

Let your leather jacket customization begin!

With these five simple steps, you will easily customize and design the perfect jacket. Now that you are equipped with this crucial knowledge seek out leather jacket stores that customize jackets and let the fun begin.


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