New American Jackets Vintage Cafe Racer Leather Jacket Review – $99.00

 I first found myself needing a cafe racer jacket when a bunch of my friends from work formed a mortar biking group. The plan was for us lads to motorbike at the brink of dawn and then have a hearty breakfast outside.

The motorbike brought memories of the insane amount of dust you catch when enjoying the high speeds. So when I came across the Vintage Cafe Racer Leather Jacket at New American Jackets, I instantly had to have it. And spoiler alert: it was the best decision I ever made! Suffice it to say that the author in me was tickled pink when asked to write a review about the jacket!  

About New American Jackets

New American Jackets is a website that provides leather attires that are stitched into the most flattering jackets you will ever find! It was apparent that the sales department of New American Jackets had marketers that were experts in E-commerce. 

Another thing that caught my eye was the magnitude of designs they had. One would think that there is not much that could be done about fashion when concerned with leather jackets. But New American Jackets proved me wrong. What I found most amazing was that the website hosted so many jackets inspired by famous TV series and Movies. Many iconic leather jackets that I came across on the big screen were available at the website! 


The cafe race jacket that I got was very high quality. It was distressed in a manner that it would make the wearer look masculine and rugged. The leather was a smooth sheepskin leather that looked like it came from one of the finest tanning industries. The inside of the jacket was just as impressive as the exterior, lined with soft viscose.

 The jacket had two zipper pockets at the waist and two at the chest. It had two on the inside as well. The zippers on all of the four pockets were so smooth that they coiled to be maneuvered with one hand only. And the stitch work all around the jacket was done with tough break-resistant thread. Overall the jacket had finesse. 



Whenever you purchase a product, you only do so because you need that product to perform a function. And the cafe leather jacket that I bought performed its function amicably well. The material was ideal for the entirety of a bike ride and was mid-weight enough for me to wear in either hot or cold temperatures. But as far as the function went, it made me look good and snug, just like I wanted. 

I was even able to stash some napkins in the two pockets on the inside, along with my wallet, keys, and phone. Even the inner pockets had a lot of space.



I pay attention to detail. So when I first unpacked my jacket, I was instantly blown away by the quality of the distressed leather on the outside. It was soft and smooth. No dirt was able to stick to it since the well-tanned leather provides a frictionless exterior. And the color! It was the deepest, richest shade of charcoal grey I ever laid eyes on. 

 The rich grey color of the cafe racer jacket took me back to the post-war bliss and to the excitement that men had in the beginning when they were finally able to afford a motorbike after the war. 

This jacket is one that has a rich history. Whenever I put this jacket on, I am reminded of a man’s need to explore and discover new things. I especially like wearing this jacket with a plain black t-shirt and a pair of washed-out denim. 


To wrap it up, I would say that this jacket will be like your buddy from the hood who always has your back. It fits well and feels secure when zipped up. The shoulders fit very well around my medium to large frame and still gives me an ample amount of room to move about. This is one of the reasons why I have been able to wear this jacket on multiple occasions. 

New American Jackets also has a great discount on the jackets. I don’t remember any time when I checked out of New American and had to pay the entire price. There was always a discount or a sale. Even though the original price of the Vintage Cafe Racer Leather Jacket was $189, which was too high for me. You can’t imagine how pleased I was when I was able to get this beauty for $99 only! Now you might think that I would have to cover the shipping charges. Wrong! The shipping was free. I was bubbling with excitement at the great bargain that I got!

In my opinion, investing in a staple leather jacket is a way to secure debonair looks for years and years to come. I am the proud owner of many leather jackets, and this one is my current favorite. I can personally guarantee that taking good care of your leather jacket will make it last for generations! And with everything considered, the style, durability, richness in color, hardware detail, and the promise of reliability for a lifetime, I definitely got more than I paid for!

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