Is Snake Skin Leather?

Is Snake Skin Leather?

Are you interested to find out about the characteristics of snake leather? How is snake leather manufactured? Or if all the snakeskin accessories are made from genuine snake leather? What is snakeskin leather made from? And moreover, is snakeskin leather?

My name is James Adams. I am a fashion designer and also a contributor to the Snake Store® team. The snake skin pattern is one of my favorite motifs and often integrated in my design. Since these exotic patterns have become popular among the red carpet celebrities and fashion designers, so many people are wondering about snake leather. Today, I’ve decided to address all the questions and doubts about snakeskin in fashion, as a leather accessory, and its alternatives.

Snakeskin is an exotic leather, nonetheless, a genuine leather material. Similar to any other authentic animal skin, it is made from tanning snake’s skin, which holds the original qualities such as the scale grains, gloss and sleek feel. During the tanning process, the finish and color may change.

This article walks you through the following subtopics;

  • Snakeskin as a fashion trend 
  • Origins and manufacturing highlights of authentic snake leather
  • Outlining the key differences between suede or genuine snakeskin


 Eager to know more? Continue reading to learn all about snake leather. 



  • Trend of Snakeskin


While attending high fashion runways, paging through style magazines, or scrolling down social media platforms, it is evident that snakeskin fashion is one of the most prominent motifs in 2021.

In fact, the entire fashion industry seems to be drawing inspiration from the vintage looks, mostly the 60s and 80s decades. Whether it is the high-waisted jeans with tucked in tops, striped halters, or animalier patterns: vintage is the new vogue in this year’s trends. 


  • Does Snakeskin Fashion Fit You?


So the sensual snake trends have caught your attention and now you’re asking yourself if this fashion is for you. It is completely understandable! After venturing through the 2010s minimalist and sleek looks, the rich designs of snake patterns may be challenging at first. If you want to learn about styling with snakeskin, this comprehensive guide on how to dress with snakeskin can assist you. Let’s have a look at what defines a snake.

  1. Is Snakeskin Considered as a Leather?

Snakeskin or snake hide is traditionally derived from snakes with the purpose of creating fashionable goods. However, from a designer’s point of view, any material with close resemblance to natural skin patterns is referred to as snake skin. So is snakeskin classified as a leather material? Let’s find out! 


  • Origins Genuine Snakeskin


Genuine snakeskin is pointed out as exotic leather. Because of the origins of the skin and its complicated manufacturing process, snake leather sits on the extravagant side of the market.

Pythons, Cobras, Ayers and sea snakes are the most popular species for leather extraction. These snakes are relatively large and the skinning process results in producing larger leather pieces, hence higher profits. Naturally, these species also offer exceptionally beautiful morphs and well-structured grains that add to their popularity. 

Some of the largest living snakes are found in southeast Asia. Most of the python and cobra skin that is supplied to the market comes from their native habitats in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. 

Several snake farms have been established since the rise of international trade concerns and activities of nature conservation organizations in these regions. Yet, most of the snake leather from these parts are sourced from endangered species and supplied by illegal snake poachers; a matter that remains a lingering concern for the welfare of numerous snake species. 



  • Snakeskin Manufacturing


Snake skinning facilities are mostly established on snake farms or urban slaughter houses. The leather extraction is done by using water or air compression under the snake’s skin to assist the peeling process. The leather is further tanned and dried prior to craft production 

As a natural characteristic, snakeskin has a quintessential shimmer. Matt looks or metallic glosses are also created by applying during the tanning process. However, natural and undyed snakeskins are the most popular finishes, leaving the luxurious scales of the reptile intact in the final accessory. 

While continuing as one of the most magnificent fashion motifs, genuine snakeskin has a wide impact on the welfare of endangered species, wildlife ecosystems, and economical obstacles due to illegal trade of snakeskin. This is mainly the reason designers are inclined to look for alternatives instead of genuine varieties. 



  1. Suede Snakeskin vs. Authentic Snake Leather

There are countless debates on the use of snakeskin, mostly based on the moral concerns, sustainability, prices and even craft aesthetics. Here are some of the highlighted issues and the solution. 


  • Exotic Snake Skin Prices


Authentic snakeskin is one of the most expensive accessories available, also for a few good reasons. They are rare to come by and sourced from an animal that, at best, gives its entire skin for a handbag. 

Manufacture and crafting skills required to overcome the fragility of snakeskin calls for experienced and skilled artisans, and again raising the price bars higher. Authentic snakeskin accessories can range from $1000 USD to $20,000 USD. alternatively, suede leather comes at a fraction of the cost, while offering similar aesthetics. 



  • Snakeskin Care and Durability


The bank-account-squeezing prices of genuine snakeskin accessories is solely dedicated to its fancy nature. These are luxury products and from a leather perspective, extremely fragile and short-lived compared to the rest of leather accessories.

Snake scales eventually point outwards and lose the initial sleekness. Leather waxes and staying wary of chemical cleaners help to extend the life of snakeskin accessories.

Generally speaking, the more natural the finish is, the more durable snakeskin turns out to be. 

  1. Real vs. Faux 

Identical to other animalier patterns, snakeskin is worn to add hints of the wild characteristics to the wearer. Symbolic hints of authority, fierce nature or irresistibility of beauty are the most common keynotes in snake fashion. Although these characteristics come at high costs financially, morally and biologically. 

Since the beginning era of responsible fashion, many concepts and materials have undergone structural changes: eco-friendly packaging, fair trade and use of wild animal leather and fur, including snake’s skin. 

Top fabric productions are producing snakeskin constructed materials from polyester and genuine cowhide as a by-product of food and sustainable alternative. These materials imitate the exact patterns and feel of snakeskin in touch that is virtually non-differentiable without having an expert-level knowledge of leather works. 

These sources cut down on inhumane slaughter of animals, decrease environmental footprints and offer an eco-conscious alternative to like-minded users.


Forward Thinking fashion companies are setting their foundations around sustainable materials that preserve nature. Their products are inspired by the beauty of serpents, fine craftsmanship and safeguarding of snake species. If you are looking for a premium snakeskin alternative at budget friendly costs, you will love this Snake Bag Collection.


  1. Snake Fashion in Jewelry


You have learned that snakeskin is a hot fashion trend and now you can judge if genuine snakeskin leather is for you. You have also understood the outline of authentic snake leather, from its manufacturing, accessory care, and sustainability. And similar to many other designers and fashion outlets, you may have already decided that responsible fashion is the only way to contribute to conservation of nature in the long run. 

Nature-inspired accessories are timeless in their elegance and as fashion icons. When it comes to ke;wery, snake fashion history goes back thousands of years. If you are looking for a symbolic gift for him, or wanting to treat yourself to a chic and symbolic ring, browse through the statement pieces at Men’s Snake Ring Collection, to wear alone or stack for a playful look. 


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