How to choose a leather backpack for studying?

How to choose a leather backpack for studying?


A high-quality backpack is a must for every student. This is a necessary item that makes the overall study experience more comfortable. If chosen right, your backpack will serve you for years. Therefore, you should pay special attention to things from leather. before you make a purchase. However, the question is how to distinguish real material from fake one? Let’s figure it out!

Check the label 

The most obvious thing you can do first is to take a look at the product’s label. If you see something like ‘man made material’, then it’s definitely synthetic leather. In case, there is no information, chances are the manufacturer tries to conceal the fact that a backpack is made of poor materials. On the contrary, if goods are made from top-quality leather, brands always point it out since they are proud of this. So look for labels like ‘real leather’, ‘made from animal products’, ‘genuine leather’, ‘full grain leather’, etc. 

Examine the surface 

Take a very thorough look at little ‘pebbles’ and pores. If you notice some imperfections and unique patterns, this is a sign of genuine leather. As real leather is made from animal skin, it can’t be perfect. Otherwise, the piece was created synthetically. If grains are very similar, even, and regular, you’ve probably come across a machine-made piece. Note that real leather might have wrinkles and scratches, so these are good marks. However, today’s manufacturers have learned to mimic the look of real leather. Hence, you must be especially careful while buying things online because it’s really not that easy to distinguish materials on the photo. 

Press and smell the leather

To look for wrinkles and creases, you can press into the material of your backpack. If the leather is real, it will wrinkle just like real skin. Artificial materials usually retain rigidity and shape very quickly. Another indicator of real leather is its smell. It must be natural and a little bit musty instead of chemical or plastic-like. Synthetic pieces can be easily identified by scent because the difference is dramatic.

Explore edges

Reasonably, products made of real leather have rough edges while those of faux leather have flawless even edges. Machine-made leather can be differentiated by machine cuts that are not typical for natural materials because they consist of many strands fraying around the edges. In fact, cleanly cut backpacks are more likely to be fake. 

As you see there are a lot of marks showing the origin of backpack’s material. Even though most people know how to distinguish between natural and faux leather, manufacturers keep producing low-quality goods, trying to deceive consumers just like students who steal someone’s work. However, the academic problem can be easily solved with the help of a plagiarism checker for scholars, in contrast to retail issues. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to figure out what kind of backpack you are going to purchase online because you can’t touch and smell it. That’s why it is much better to buy such items at land-based stores. Let’s consider what else makes a backpack a perfect fit for you. 


You will probably agree that studies mean good organization as you are going to carry a lot of books and documents related to various disciplines. To be more efficient, you should take advantage of all the space you are given. So try to opt for functional bags that allow you to optimally organize your objects. In other words, the more compartments you have, the better. If you know exactly where your belongings are kept, you won’t spend much time looking for something you need in class. 


Since you will inevitably carry valuable items in your backpack, including a wallet, purse, laptop and maybe some jewelry, all these things must be secure. You don’t want to lose them, right? Oftentimes, students’ stuff is stolen in crowded areas, like libraries, lecture rooms, or sports halls. Therefore, don’t skimp on safety while choosing a backpack. It must be strong and secure, allowing you to block the opening either with a digital code or with a padlock. 


Student life is really fast-paced, so you must be comfortable while traveling from one campus to another. For sure, you can’t afford to carry a heavy item because it will just exhaust you. A light but solid backpack will make you feel good. Opt for a bag that has no residual parts that will rub against your skin and make your back hurt. It would be perfect if you could find the one with adjustable straps or even a torso strap if you need it. 


Author’s BIO 


Cory Shilling is a study coach and fashion influencer. Apart from her main job where she helps students learn more efficiently, Cory holds lectures and workshops in clothes design. In fact, she is a popular fashion trendsetter for young people.


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I'm just your average guy with an appreciation for above average goods. My goal is to introduce you to products that will see you through thick and thin, and then some.

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Thank you for sharing this! I love leather goods and always looking for bags and jackets. Love these tips. I usually buy customized leather jackets and have found the right place for it. For bags, these tips are amazing to shop!

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A bag will be of high quality only if you choose the high quality material for it. Hit the sewing stores and choose the best leather for your bag. Why leather? First of all, because it has one of the best price-to-quality ratio. Also, it ages really nicely. With time, a good leather bag will only look better. And finally, it is easy to take a good care of leather bags.

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