HUSKK iPhone 6 Quick Draw Wallet Review – $59.99

If you’re a regular reader here at BestLeather you know we’re always on the hunt for unique designs or new applications for leather. If you’re new to BestLeather…now you know. ☺ There is a lot of tradition in the form and function of leather and we like that too. But, it’s just downright cool to see fresh, new approaches to integrating a timeless material like leather. This is one of the things that struck us first when we were introduced to HUSKK.



HUSKK is a team of free thinkers with varied disciplines from design, engineering, marketing and finance. Together, they share their diverse strengths and united passion of creation to bring to you NEW life-easing everyday must haves. “We love all things beautiful, functional and well crafted. Today there’s a growing community of people who appreciate and hunt for this union of solid functionality, minimalistic style combined with great craftsmanship made from honest materials. We believe that these are the core value of our creations and customers”.

HUSKK is based in London, England and ships their products worldwide.



The Quick Draw Wallet we received for review is made for the iPhone 6 and features great medium colored tan leather. HUSKK uses Italian vegetable tanned leather. It’s a unique design on many fronts. The molded plastic shell has a rubberized finish and fits tightly around my phone…making it feel secure.

The leather is high quality with a nice texture, feel, and finish to it. The stitching is even and matches the leather’s tone to blend in nicely. It’s a well built piece and doesn’t seem flimsy in any way.



I used to keep my iPhones (3, 4, and 5) in bulky cases that were designed to survive apocalyptic incidents. But, I grew weary of encasing such a gorgeous phone in ugly bulkiness. So, I went completely case-less for some time (without incident too mind you). However the newest version of the iPhone seems a bit more fragile and its design is slippery, which makes me nervous. And that put me on the hunt for a solution. When I came across the iPhone 6 Quick Draw Wallet from HUSKK, I immediately knew it was the case/wallet combination of my dreams.


The case itself is minimal, but keeps the phone secure and the screen protected. The wallet portion is the “pièce de résistance”. It’s an ingenious design and application of beautiful leather. It features an internal slot pocket capable of holding 8 or so cards with four expanding leather pieces to hold them in place. The top of the leather flap stays shut with a magnet. It’s powerful too and will definitely stay closed when you have it maxed out with cards. The exterior slot pocket is perfect for cash and a couple of cards that you use frequently.



I’ve been carry the Quick Draw for almost six weeks now. It’s definitely a keeper! It also garners quite a bit of attention and questions when I pull out a business card from the wallet portion or slide my debit card out to pay the barista.

The leather is developing a nice patina and has darkened up a bit already. Overall, I’m very satisfied with its performance and can’t think of an area where I find it to be lacking. It performs its intentions admirably and perfectly.



The HUSKK iPhone 6 Quick Draw Wallet is definitely a smart buy. At $59.99 it is priced well and given all of its functionality what I would consider a real bargain given the outrageous prices you’ll find for other smartphone cases. HUSKK does make other styles, colors, and cases. They also features some other cool, clever accessories too. And, I’m sure they’ll continue to design cases for the next generation of iPhones yet to come. Check out their site and get yourself one of these great cases.


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