Daines and Hathaway Military Wet Pack – $240/£150

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Dopp kits and wash bags are staples of the fine leather scene, but there are few so iconic as the Daines & Hathaway Military Wet Pack. Its soft bridle leather and sleek lines give it a truly timeless look. In fact, this design is based directly from the wash kit issued to the British Army in the 1920s. 


About Daines & Hathaway                        

William Daines & Charles Hathaway, leather specialists from in Walsall, England, established the company in 1922. Now a recent acquisition of Pittards, Daines & Hathaway uses all British leather to create modern pieces with a classic style.


Construction & Function

Smooth black bridle leather encases the outside of the pack, which is rolled up and fastened by a leather strap that encircles the center of the case. The case can be hung by the buckle for easy access while getting ready in the morning. The lining of the Military Wet Pack is waterproof vinyl, so it is easily cleaned and stays free of the inevitable toothpaste residue or spilled shaving cream.


A black leather strap in the inside middle provides three easily adjustable loops so that you can slide in a toothbrush, razor, chapstick, or shaving brush, and keep it secure. There are four snap pouches that are large enough to hold cologne bottles, combs, toothpaste, floss, and other grooming essentials. There is also a huge open pocket behind the other pouches that stretches the whole length and width of the Military Wet Pack.


The pack rolls up nicely and keeps its shape even when filled with grooming products. It can easily fit all the products you need for a nice long vacation.


The bridle leather has a shiny, waxy sheen to it, and will only get softer with use. The Daines & Hathaway website offers the Military Wet Pack in five colors of leather: black, red, tan, navy, and racing green. While the black on black style looks very polished, I think some contrast between the leather and the lining would look great. The stitching and trim work is excellent, adding to the overall luxurious look of this piece.

When traveling, the Wet Pack certainly is an advantageous piece to use. With all of the pockets and storage capacity, you will not struggle to find room for all of your personal grooming necessities while you’re on the go.



The Daines & Hathaway Military Wet Pack is an iconic staple of men’s grooming. At $240, this pack is a bit pricey. But if you love your products to have that timeless look and feel, the Daines & Hathaway Military Wet Pack is a great choice. Made from the finest of British bridle leather, this is a product that will serve you well, last forever, and pick up some beautiful patina along the way.


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