Bold Lead Designs Eight Way Lead & Martingale Collar – $56 & $39

The dog. Man’s best friend. There’s a lot of truth to that statement and it’s been well documented, proven true time and time again. Dogs add a component to our lives that is incredibly special. A dog’s dedication and willingness to please is amazing. So, how often do we go out and spoil them with purchases that make them look or feel good? In my case, it’s not often enough. I have two great dogs. Maggie, our family’s Golden Retriever is pushing 10 years of age now. She’s been a fantastic dog. We added Sasha, our German Shepherd dog, to the family about 3 years ago. She’s certainly livened things up around here for Maggie and us. Recently, I went on a little quest to find a great collar and leash combination that would work well on either of our dogs. The results of my search put me on the website of Bold Lead Designs.


About Bold Lead Designs

Bold Lead Designs was created in 2008. Katrina Boldry, founder, owner and designer of BLD started the business after an unsuccessful search for a quality dog leash. One thing led to another and now her collars, leashes, and other items can be found in all 50 US states and 23 countries around the globe.

One thing that really stood out to us about BLD and Katrina is their dedication to the service dog industry. In the not so distant future we’ll be featuring an article about Katrina’s work within the service dog industry and how her company’s products are designed to improve the lives of those who live, work, and benefit from service dogs.


Katrina was kind enough to send us two of her most popular pieces: the Bold Lead Designs 8-way Lead™, which is a six foot versatile leash and the Bold Lead Designs Martingale Collar. Both pieces came in golden tan bridle leather.


All of Bold Lead Designs’ pieces are crafted in their Aurora, Colorado workshop. Bold Lead Designs is dedicated to true craftsmanship using 100% US made materials.

Both pieces I have are vegetable tanned leather from Hermann Oak Leather Company of St. Louis, MO. The bridle leather is weighty and has a great feel to it. When it’s in your hands, it is very reminiscent of horse tack – bridles, reins, harnesses, and other pieces.


The hardware is all sturdy and solid brass (some of their other designs feature chrome plated brass and solid stainless steel). You won’t find any stitching in their products. Instead, everything is assembled or secured with heavy duty Chicago screws, thick rings, lobster clasps, Conway buckles, or other heavy, solid fasteners. All of that to say, the 8-way lead and the martingale collar received are substantial pieces built from sturdy materials.


The 8-way Lead is a dog walker’s dream. The ability to configure it in so many useful ways is great. My version of the lead is a size large (5/8” wide). It works great with either one of my dogs and is comfortable in my hands. With six feet of length, my dog is not constantly under my feet, but also not able to walk too far ahead. I can easily give Sasha or Maggie enough lead for them to “explore” while still maintaining control.

The Bold Lead Designs martingale collar is also a size large. Its size is ideal for walking either of my dogs. I do have it set on the longest possible setting (last hole of the collar). If either one of my dogs were males of their breed, I would most likely need to have chosen the XL version of the collar and then bumped up to the XL leash too.


I like martingale collars for the control they give you when walking your dog. Just a slight tug is usually all that’s needed to offer correction or get your dog’s attention. I’m not a fan of choke or spike collars at all – so the martingale collar is a great training aid or every day walking collar in my opinion.

Both of my dogs quickly adapted to using the martingale collar without issue and I saw a marked reduction in pulling from Sasha, my German Shepherd when using this collar. She has become very content to walk in stride with me when this collar is used.



Both of these pieces look fantastic. The quality of the leather and hardware are very apparent. The attention to detail in the craftsmanship is also easily seen. The braid work on the 8-way Lead is fantastic. Both pieces look great on either of my dogs.

I don’t know if Sasha or Maggie can tell that they’re sporting two high quality, hand crafted leather pieces or not…but, it seems to me that they have a little pep in their step and their heads are held a little higher now when they’re donning this leash/collar combo.



I’ve been on the hunt for a quality leash and collar combo for a long time. I’ve had this mental picture of what I wanted, but could never seem to find it until now. The Bold Lead Designs 8-Way Lead and Bold Lead Designs Martingale Collar team up together to create an ideal walking set for my dogs. Now, I just need to get another lead and collar so that I can walk both of them at the same time. Considering the fact that these pieces are handcrafted in the US from high caliber components, the pricing is extremely fair. Take a few minutes, visit Bold Lead Designs website, and get a couple of things for your canine companion.

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