Da Vinci Workshop Wallet Kickstarter

The quality of leather doesn’t depend on the size of the company, and we at BestLeather are always pleased to bring some attention to a smaller company making good products. Da Vinci Workshop has recently started their first Kickstarter and was kind enough to provide us a sample for a quick review.

About Da Vinci Workshop

Inspired by its namesake scientist and inventor, founder Alexey started Da Vinci Workshop in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye. Da Vinci has been selling their items at local fairs and shops for some time, but is hoping to move into the world market and begin a website with the help of their already fully-funded Kickstarter.


Da Vinci Workshop takes pride in fully completing construction of their products by hand. Construction quality is high. Stitching is done with thick waxed thread and is very well done. Edges appear to be smoothed, but not burnished thoroughly. Cuts are uniform and construction overall is good.

The leather used is chrome-tanned, top grain calfskin, treated with some beeswax conditioner before leaving the shop. The calfskin is extremely soft, with a gentle matte feel to the outer and a slightly more suede feel on the inside. Chrome tanned leather may not be as tough or develop the patina of veg tan, but does have the benefit of softness and handling water more easily without treatment.

The leather originally had a reasonably strong burnt smell to it, but Da Vinci informs me this has something to do with the shipping conditions and that the fade will disappear. It has already faded considerably over just a few days.


This is actually the first full-length wallet I’ve used! I wasn’t sure how I’d end up feeling about it. Of course, it doesn’t quite fit in a back pocket, but there are advantages as well. It does fit nicely in an inner suit pocket and doesn’t get lost as easily in my every day carry bag.

Plus, of course, it can hold plenty of items. I’d put small papers I picked up throughout the day in the larger pockets alongside my cash. I could keep a pencil or pen in the center of the fold. I even was able to keep my phone in there if I wanted. I think the ladies out there will be used to this from their larger purse wallets, but I wasn’t as familiar.

There wasn’t quite as much room for cards as I would have liked, each of the three card slots feeling full with two cards. However, Da Vanci does offer other more roomy models than the base “Simple” wallet that I have here.


This Simple wallet I’ve received is essentially all black, and is easy to fit into most environments. The soft leather gives a pretty casual feel, but when sitting flat it does have a nice shine that fits in nicely with a suit as well. Da Vinci offers the wallet in other colors as well, and all of them are understated and should fit many situations well.

I think overall the wallet is fairly gender neutral. I wondered if I’d feel a bit out of place using a long wallet, but with the strong simple look, it is plenty masculine. I think men and women will appreciate the design of Da Vinci’s wallets.


The Da Vinci Workshop Simple wallet is well constructed with soft, quality leather. There’s plenty of room for most small items you could want, including your typical cash and credit cards (larger models can hold even more). The simple design is easy to fit into most situations. I think this would be a worthwhile Kickstarter to support if their wallets suit your style.

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