Born and Bred England Cord Wrap and Card Wallet — Rebranding to DENAGY

In light of some big changes over at Born and Bred, we’ve had the chance to bring out and review some of their previous line of products – and introduce you to the brand new DENAGY. These two pieces are high end leather goods we can fully recommend, and the new product line brought with the rebranding to DENAGY introduces an increase in both quality and luxury.


Both the card wallet and cord wrap are handmade with Italian vegetable tanned leather that feels both sturdy and flexible. Edges are burnished and coated. Rivets and snaps are solid brass.


The card wallet is hand stitched with in-house waxed nylon thread. The stitching is expertly done, uniform, and very strong. Between the quality stitching and sturdy rivets and snaps, you’re looking at products that will stand the test of time and look great along the way.



The wallet is a snap-closure main pocket with a single card pocket sewn to the back. It may be a card holder, but it’s very high capacity. Including one card in the front pocket, I managed to get 13 cards in! This is a bit of a stretch though, and 9 cards is a more reasonable limit. The wallet is fairly thin, though the snap does present a drawback here–it adds over ¼” (0.6cm) of thickness, bringing the wallet to about ⅞” (2.2cm)  with 9 cards. In exchange, you get the security of knowing your cards will never accidentally fall out.


I really like this cord wrap. As you can see in the image below, it quite perfectly holds my workout headphones. It’s downright convenient to have them nicely wrangled in instead of the usual tangled mess. The notches keep your cord nicely lined up. It may struggle to hold a bigger cable like a computer charging cord, but it should handle most earbud headphones well.



Both the cord wrap and wallet have a strong and defined look, carried by the presence of the snaps and rivets that give a slight biker feel. The leather is thoroughly dyed, and doesn’t succumb to scratches or marks too easily. Both of these products are refined yet rugged in appearance.



The DENAGY brand was inspired by a nostalgia for 50s surf culture, a time when innovation went hand in hand with quality and style.

Paul De Nagy’s lifelong passion for making things by hand originally led him to making surfboards, but an appreciation for style led him into the fashion world and, in 2009, founding Born and Bred. Over the years his company grew to include leather wallets, accessories, carry goods, and collaborations with other like minded designers.


Paul believes that hand made goods take on the personality of the person who makes them and it is with time, effort and love that they develop soul. He often describes leather work as having a zen like quality, a constant search for perfection that one can get lost in. It is this search for perfection that has led him to further refine his collections under the new name DENAGY. Essentially, Paul has quite literally put his name on the line.

The rebranding to DENAGY brings with it an added level of luxury and refinement. This evolution in quality, look, and feel includes use of more premium materials, such as shell cordovan leather and finer thread; new construction techniques; and use of better tools.


Most people can’t believe that these products are handmade, which is ultimately the goal. That, along with the hope that your grandchildren might one day find your wallet in the attic and will want to use it…

We’re excited for the new and improved DENAGY. Make sure to check out their website, and be looking for a full review of one of their new luxury products within the next couple months.


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