All About Timeless Leather Jacket

All About Timeless Leather Jacket


The winters always demand something superfluous. This is exactly what the leather jackets are for. When our winter casuals fall short of fulfilling their purpose, leather jacket swoop in to rescue us from the callous cold. This was their purpose of creation originally—to function even in the most extreme weather. 

Leather jackets were fashioned for military wear. The German fighter pilots used to wear brown leather jackets, which later came to be known as the aviator or flight jackets during the First World War. 

As pilots had to face extremely cold temperatures at high altitudes, their bomber jackets were used to assist them in accomplishing their missions, whatever be the weather.

Such is the legacy of leather jackets. Be it a war zone or a runway, leather jackets have seen it all. 

The Wide-Ranging Uses And Attributes Of Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are used by almost everyone these days. Gone are the days when only the military men or the movie starlets used to fashion them. Leather jackets can be found in an immense array of styles. 

Right from motorcycle jackets designed for heavy-duty tasks and preventing injuries to avant-garde trendsetting garments, these jackets prove to be a versatile comrade in all states of affairs. 

Leather jackets are windproof and warm. They sustain through outdoor adventurous and craggy activities and protect the bearer from injuries as well. Leather jackets are quite a hard-wearing article of clothing. And just like wine, the older it gets, the more eye-catching it becomes. 

Jackets made from sheepskin are called soft leather. True to its name, such jackets shape according to the body of the draper and become a personal cherished possession for them.   

Whom Is It Designed For?

Although the use had started with military pilots, over the century, along with men’s leather jackets, women’s leather jackets have gained popularity. And not just the adventurous motorcyclists, including females, but models, pregnant moms, retired teachers, and filmdom celebrities also fashion them occasionally or regularly. 

Moving beyond the gender barrier and standing the tests of time, leather jackets have now made a universal presence felt all around the globe. This timeless archetypal trend isn’t showing any signs of becoming extinct in the nearby future. 

Are Leather Jackets Still Trending?

Chris Hemsworth, Tony Abbott, Luke Bracey, and Margot Robbie—all have photographs flaunting their leather-jacket look. Answering your question, yes, leather jackets are very much in fashion. And black leather jackets have evolved as a treasured shade for a majority of them.

Types Of Leather Jackets

As mentioned earlier, there is a variety of leather jackets available catering to the customer’s needs. 

  • The biker leather jackets are great for long driving through nights, as it prevents cold and keep the body warm. ‘Racer’ and ‘Perfecto’ are two fashionable motorcyclist jackets. 
  • The faux leather jackets are made of imitation leather. Petro-chemical based jackets and organic leather substitutes leather too are available as alternatives to original leather jackets.
  • Polyurethane (PU) jackets are made using low-quality split leather. It is a good option for vegans as cheap chemicals are used instead of animal hides in its production.
  • Perforated leather jackets are great for cool summer Australian evenings, as they have tiny holes at regular intervals to keep the body cool and aerated.

There are other types of leather jackets as well, including Nappa leather jackets and vegan jackets, among others.

So, choose your pick and let your chic and elegant style be revealed this winter!

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