74Street Bags Multicamera Photographer Leather Harness Review – $269

One of my favorite things about working with the leather industry is that I get to see firsthand how different companies create and design products with a similar function. Leather photography accessories have been a staple of any young or seasoned photographer for a while now, and 74Street Bags has contributed to the offering with an excellent piece, the Multicamera Photographer Leather Harness.

74Streetbags Camera strap2


Mircea & Daciana Bule are the powerhouse couple behind 74Street Bags. Mircea is a licensed fashion designer and he has been handcrafting with leather for more than 20 years. He is referred to as the brain of design and handwork and Daciana, a manager by profession and a fashion design student, is  “the brains of the business along with being Mircea’s apprentice in learning more and more everyday about the vast skills needed for handcrafting leather.” This Romanian duo designs and creates some unique bags – which seem to be very popular through their Etsy storefront, which shows a 5 star rating and healthy sales. This second time around we are reviewing the Multicamera Photographer Leather Harness from 74Street Bags.



The Multicamera Photographer Leather Harness is hand constructed with full grain leather and metal pins and D-rings. The leather has been sourced with imperfections and marks that make each piece unique. This specific leather has a nice matte finish that looks good with anything, but also provides plenty of support for two heavy cameras.

74Streetbags Camera strap3


The entire harness is hand-stitched by the couple, and after long inspections I could not find any crooked, missed, or compromised stitches. It is obvious that 74Street Bags takes much time and care in each product construction. The harness is also built using two pieces of leather, stitched together to make an even stronger, more dependable accessory for your expensive photography gear. Overall the harness’ construction is top-quality, and I would expect nothing less because it carries around thousands of dollars worth of cameras.



74Street Bags has done a good job at combining style, quality, and function in one leather product. The harness is extremely easy to use, as you just swing it on, attach your photoshoot camera, and begin your shoot. This specific harness was designed for carrying two cameras, one on each side of the body. The metal pins are easy to adjust for body size, and the metal sliders flow freely on the leather shoulder straps. This makes for a smooth and efficient shooting motion that every photographer can appreciate. While the camera clip on system also functions well and will continue to do so for a while. Don’t let the thinness of the small clips make you nervous. Daciana has assured me that the clips are designed to support more than 80kg (176+ lbs)…which is way beyond the normal load that any photographer will connect to these straps.



74Street Bags creates products that appeal to people on several different levels. The attractive, easily scuffed leather and metal hardware combine to make a piece that will not only be a solid addition to your photo accessories, but also a conversation piece when worn. The patina has already started to change a little, and it will definitely get better with age. Many people have flocked to the 74Street Bags’ Etsy store because their products have a story, are extremely well built, and guaranteed to last a lifetime, and it is easy to understand why after using the Multicamera Photographer Leather Harness.



I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Multicamera Photographer Leather Harness from 74Street Bags. The harness will make an excellent addition to any photographer’s collection and will work well for many years to come. Priced at $269.00, the harness is an investment that I believe photographers should make.

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