Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots Six Month Review – Uh Oh! Sole Separation!

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My Wolverine 1000 mile boots have been lovely up to now. I have worn them quite a bit for daily use. They have been comfortable and have even gone on a few hikes. Hardly 1000 miles of walking. The leather upper is in fantastic shape.


I glanced down and the sole is separating! I’m not quite sure how this could happen on such an expensive pair of boots. You would think this would NEVER happen on a pair of boots labeled “1000 Mile Boots.”

I emailed customer service so we’ll see what happens.

If you are wondering why they seem so white-ish it is because I just walked through some dusty sand.

Update: the email back from customer service.

Good morning TJ,

Thank you for your email regarding your Wolverines footwear.  Unfortunately, Leather outsoles do not typically last as long as a rubber outsole (especially on today’s modern surfaces). If the leather outsole gets soaked through, it will accelerate the breakdown of the material.  We do generally recommend that either taps, topey, or a rubber outsole be put on the boots to prolong the life of the sole.

At this time, we do not have a repair program for the footwear but do recommend a local cobbler.  The boots are a true welt construction so the repair is relatively easy.  Once you do have them resoled, please send me a copy of your receipt and we will be happy to reimburse you for half of your repair costs.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions !

Wolverine Consumer Relations

So it seems that if you truly want boots that will last 1000 miles you are going to need something else. Bummer. These are beautiful boots. It’s nice of them to pay at least half the cost. I think I’ll put Vibrams on.

When I asked what soles they recommend they responded with this…

Good morning,

We do not have a certain brand of rubber soles that we suggest, however typically shoe cobblers will have a selection of various rubber soles. You will find that a rubber sole will last longer than a leather sole since the leather soles will wear down much more quickly when exposed to wet/rainy conditions.

Thank you,

Wolverine Customer Relations

I’m a little sad that the leather welt sole has limited use and can’t handle water. Whatever. Everything has pros and cons.

IMG_0667 IMG_0669 IMG_0672 IMG_0664 IMG_0665 IMG_0666Have you had any issues with your 1000 Mile Boots?



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Thanks for your post and input, difficult to find reviews of these boots after some good wear and breaking in!

Judging by the rate of ebay sales most folks seem to pull the trigger and then sell the boots a month down the road.


Hi Seth, thanks for the comment!

We are currently reviewing the 1000 Mile Boots with the rubber sole and I like it MUCH better. Better traction, better wear, handles water better, a little softer step. I think they are the way to go over the leather soles.


Looking forward to the read!
Did the cobbler glue the outsole over the leather or stitch it in?

The local fellow where I live glues them on. I’ve had two pairs resoled in this manner, both of which began to part again under regular wear without duress. When I took them back in he glued the parts back together free-of-charge, though one has since began to part again and I can’t decide whether to go back or to give it up. He’s really the only option in town.


You are right that they are not TERRIBLE boots. Seriously super comfortable.

However, to our use testing these leather soled versions did not stand up long to the normal abuse seen in the pacfic northwest. The rubber soled version is doing much better.

I wouldn’t exactly call them dress boots either. More like a casual boot. Allen Edmond Daltons are a dress boot.


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one word smarty pants -“hobnails”. leather soles that are worn on concrete/stone/brick etc should be hobnailed. i know that is new technology and all (you know, just 100+ years). alternatively one could have a thin vibram sole added as they suggest.


cool boots,


Did these shoes ever see polish in their lifetime. Judging by the uppers, you really haven’t cared for them have you?


Several times actually.

Rick G
Hmmm, need to take a little better care of your 1000 Mile Boots! I have a couple of thousand miles on my boots (several pairs) and learned early on the first thing you should do is have your shoemaker add a rubber half sole to protect the leather. I have replaced heels several times and never had to touch the rubber half sole. The next thing you need to do is clean your boots occasionally and apply Montana Pitch Blend to the upper and any exposed leather between the half sole and the heel. (Rub it in by hand and… Read more »

This happened to my boots after 7 months of use! I took them to the local cobbler and he was able to reattach them using adhesive. But only 3 months later I know have holes through both outsoles and 1 boot has holes through the both the insole & outsole! I am so bummed these boots only lasted about 10 months.

Peter Rosne
Hi Got my 1k mile boots with leather soles a few days ago, very comfortable, right from the start. Was worried about the soles so took them to one of the few cobllers in my town (Matsuyama, Japan) and after a quick look he said that because the leather sole was impregnated with some oil the Vibram sole would not stick to it. I convinced him to try to do it anyway and when I came back after 1/2 hour it turned out he was right. The rubber sole just wouldn’t stick to the leather sole. He sanded off some… Read more »

I’d find a different cobbler. I’ve had my half soles on my 1K’s for over three years. They’re just now starting to come off near the tip of the boot.


bought a pair of these in january. after wearing them the second time. the heel came off. got another pair shipped to me and the heel came loose after one wear. two pair down, and im also out the $70 i spent to get a vibram sole put on. they look beautiful, but never touching wolverine again.


Same problems. After wearing them for a couple hours the soles were spongey and absorbent. Real bad way to spend $350. I took my boots back to the store after 2 days. Won’t touch the brand either. Wolverine claim all this thousand mile stuff, but it’s not real. No good.


As a lover of leather sole boots and shoes, I have learned hard way: even with an expensive high quality boot, don’t let the leather soles get wet! I’ve ruined my share.

To me, the best thing to have if you know you’re going to wear them in the rain and slush, buy ones with the vibram caps on the soles, like the Red Wing Beckmans or the Wolverine 1000 Mile Evans that is available now.

I still own leather-soled boots without caps, but I treat them with Sno-shoe, and keep them dry!

Steve Young

I have the rubber soles version but the heels were made of stacked, hollowed out cardboard and promptly fell off. Customer service was sympathetic but unhelpful. I had a cobbler out on proper heels. These boots are not what they claim to be.

Not worth the money.

Word of advice – I bought a lovely pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots, only to find that the quality was entirely rubbish. The soles were basically stuffed after wearing once. They went like wet cardboard. Like the other users, Wolverine wasn’t interested in replacing. Neither was the shop. They’ve made their money and obviously giving you another pair isn’t going to help, ‘cos they’re all the same shyte. They’re not cheap. For that money, I expected some solid quality. They looked really good too. I didn’t look for reviews on the boots. My bad – so to restore balance… Read more »
I’m on my second pair of 1000 Courtland boots, the first having been replaced because of this very issue. I take impeccable care of my footwear (they live on shoe trees, and see maintenance from Sapphir product). The Courtland’s have a rubber to and heel portion, however the stitch is still flush with the base of the sole (opposed to recessed as is the case with other high-end boots). I was told the stitch is not the only structural component holding the upper to the sole, however for a second time the separation is occurring where the stitch has worn… Read more »

I wore my 1000 mile boots for 3-1/2 months on a near daily basis. The uppers were breaking in nicely, however the heels wore down and cracked and a hole appeared in the sole. I sent them back for review and Wolverine, much to their credit sent me a new pair. I plan on having the local shoe repair add a rubber 1/2 sole and hope that solves the problem…