A Simple Leather Belt Co. Review – Custom Belt for $59

A hefty belt is an important part of any man’s wardrobe. A good belt will endure all hardships and keep holding up your pants. Introducing, A Simple Leather Belt Co.

the idea is simple

ASLB‘s (A Simple Leather Belt) belts are a 12-13 oz strip of American leather custom cut to your dimensions with the buckle and rivets of your choice. You can also choose the number of belt holes and type of tip you would like. Ordering your belt to your specifications is impressively easy. ASLB (A Simple Leather Belt) has done an outstanding job of making the order process completely simple. All for the price of $59 with free shipping.

If you prefer – like me – to only have one hole then you will need an exact length the belt should be. What I did was I took a belt I wear often and measured from the belt buckle to my preferred hole. My ASLB belt fits perfectly.

Note that the photos below have not been edited at all so the color you are seeing is the authentic scotch color offered by ASLB.


It took nine days for the belt to arrive. Quite fast for a custom leather product! Orders are faxed to the Amish men who make the belts with zero electricity. It’s all done by hand craftsmanship.


Opening the box with your belt is quite a treat. The belt is in a cotton bag with a smattering of a straw like material. Opening it up feels very special and vintage, an obviously intentional touch harkening back to days when much more was hardily made.



12-13 oz leather is something else! I believe it is from the Wicket & Craig Tannery. This is thick leather. Easily the thickest I have seen so far in a one piece belt. An impressive detail to note is even though the leather is incredibly think, it is also pliable. I was slightly concerned that the thickness of the belt would make it stiff and uncomfortable. That is not the case at all. Rather, the rigidity of the belt is a nice feeling on your waist.

The feel of the Wicket & Craig leather is fantastic. Smooth and pliable. No plastic feeling at all.


You have the choice of either steel or brass hardware. Personally, I find brass to be intrinsically classy. The Simple Belt buckle comes installed with Chicago rivets which means you can swap out the belt buckle with little more effort than turning some screws.

I think the best word that describes the rivets and buckle on this belt is “hefty”. There is no doubt in my mind that my grandson can wear this belt one day with proper care.A-Simple-Leather-Belt-Scotch-1-12-inch3 A-Simple-Leather-Belt-Scotch-1-12-inch4A-Simple-Leather-Belt-Scotch-1-12-inch1

If there was one thing I could change on my belt it would be the edging would be done in a dark black – with something like Fiebings Edge Kote – rather then the spotty looking clear coat finish. Finished black edges look fantastically sharp on leather. Unfinished is, well, meh. It’s more of an aesthetic detail.

Update from Nic Miller of ASLB:

A little note about the edges: this is something we’re continuing to evolve. In the future, I think we will have an edge color option, where it can be finished or unfinished. But to your point about Feibings Edge Kote, I actually have about $1,000 worth of unused leather sitting in my office because it was all Edge Koted. It is simply not durable. If it is applied slightly too thick, it will crack and peel unevenly.

Over the last week, I’ve been talking to other artisans about edging solutions, and we think we may have a permanent solution to this issue.



You can see this is not a slim and trim belt like one you would get from Sears or Nordstroms. This is a manly belt.

BestLeather conclusion

This is a quality heavy duty belt that will last for your lifetime and maybe more. That you can buy one for $59 with free shipping makes it a no brainer. Definitely a must buy that will easily save you money on belts in the long run.

buy a simple leather belt

I will write a followup review to show how the belt wears with use.


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Chris Brown
Chris Brown

That’s a really sweet belt. The pricing on them is crazy! That’s a lot of bang for the buck for sure. The guys over at Gray Bull Leather make some pretty nice belts as well.



I’ll be ordering two for sure soon,do they come in black.ALOHA


This belt looks great!