What is a cold or hot slot machine?

Slots have been around since the 19th century but it seems like they are in the spotlight now after gaining so much attention, especially in the online casino industry. In the past couple of years, slots have been a dominant force in the casino world generating most of the revenue.

There is a couple of reason why slots jump to a point of being one of the most popular casino games in the world. 

First of all, they are simple to play and require no skill or knowledge. Just because they are based on an RNG (random number generator) players don’t have any way of increasing their winning chances. Secondly, slots are funded and focused more on the user experience rather than only on the money-making process. Lastly, the world of slots has changed a lot and now we have many complex games that offer a lot more than clicking the spin button.

However, as the popularity of slots grew, there were many myths and possibly strategies where players tried to predict when it is the best time to play slots on Stake. Such an interesting concept is the hot and cold slots idea.

Let’s focus on the “hot and cold” concept of slots and find out does it actually work or is it a myth, so next time you are playing online slots at Bovada remember the following advice.

Hot and Cold Slots

First of all, there isn’t a definitive way of telling whether a slot is cold or hot since the thing that measures “temperature” is variable. This leads to various interpretations of how to tell if a slot is hot or cold and many people have different criteria. If you’re curious try best online slots Canada.

However, everything is based on “history” or how a particular slot performed in the past with all profits shared and profits gained. Basically, it is all about how good or bad it paid out in the past.

 This leads to another problem when defying hot and cold slots. First of all, the only way we can know if a slot is hot or cold is if we look at the data. Since its data is locked away by casinos, we can only believe what they tell us. 

Some casinos have a method of indicating to players when the slot is hot or cold, but since everyone has different criteria, some casinos might treat a slot as being “hot”, while other players could treat it as cold.

What are Hot Slots?

The thing that most people are interested in is hot slots. Hot slots are basically games that are on a rapid-fire with handling out winnings to players. If a slot is continuing to give away one big win after another, it is considered a “hot slot”.

Some people consider “hot slots” to be games that are very close to hitting the jackpot, which is actually more measurable than the first way of interpreting hot slots.

Certain slot games have different kinds of jackpots. Some might have a jackpot tied to a time limit, such as a daily, weekly, or monthly jackpot, and if we are approaching the end of the time limit and the jackpot still hasn’t dropped, this is considered as a “hot slot”.

The most universal explanation of “hot spots” that goes with every criterion, is that the “hot slot” is a synonym used for a slot machine that is potentially profitable.

What are Cold Slots?

Cold slots are the opposite of hot slots. Basically, games that are nearly impossible to win at a particular moment. This means that cold slots simply won’t pull up any winning combinations no matter how fancy your betting strategy is. 

Basically, cold slots will eat their way through your entire budget without handling any wins, and you are doomed to play at it.

Some people consider “cold slots” to be games where a really big winning has happened recently. For example, if we are talking about a progressive slot that takes money from each bet towards funding the jackpot, if the jackpot drops, it will take some time for the slot to collect the money for the next big drop. This way people have less or no chance of securing a big win.

Cold slots are also considered those ones with a timed jackpot. For example, if there is a weekly jackpot and it already dropped, some people consider this slot as a cold one even though they can win some money playing regularly.

Final Words

Even though there isn’t a straight explanation about hot and cold slots, using some of the strategies we mentioned here can help you increase your chance of making more profits. Determining hot and cold slots is all about going through the data. 

So, before you start playing your next slot game, make sure to check out how the slot pays out, and whether or not the jackpot has already dropped. This information alone should be enough for you to determine whether the slot is hot or cold. 

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