Vicenzo Leather Arlette Leather Waist Bag Review – $79.95

Paunch pack, buffalo pouch, fanny pack… and the list goes on. No matter how you refer to the traditional waist pack, images usually bubble up concerning lost tourists or aspirin toting elderly folk. However, when reviewing the Vicenzo Leather Arlette Leather Waist Bag I couldn’t help but rediscover the versatile functionality these type of bags offer. If you’re curious to learn more, read on.

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Distressed vegetable tanned leather is used for the construction of the Arlette. Gold plated hardware is used for the D rings that attach the bag to the strap, and for the zippers as well. The adjustable buckles are chrome plated oddly enough, not sure why the gold consistency wasn’t kept. The black threaded stitching appears very neat and tidy with no loose ends, unlike my ex. The first compartment has an unlined back with nylon dividing it from the secondary compartment. Measures in at 7.5” wide by 5” tall and an inch thick.

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The Arlette waist bag really excels at carrying your wallet/cards/keys/Casio SL-100 or whatever slim objects you like while still giving you total arm freedom.  Now I’m a guy and while this may not really be aesthetically suited for me, I did consult my wife on certain points. She’s a purse carrier but often leaves her purses at home or in the car and just relies on my wallet for expenses. With the Arlette she had no inconvenience of tying one arm up holding a purse. This allowed her to better manage our daughter while shopping and since she had her own wallet it helped alleviate the spending on my end which was quite wonderful. It’s a waistpack, so it can also be turned around to the back for better mobility, but this sometimes presents a security issue in tight crowded areas like concerts or tourist spots. The front pocket has a large leather tab which is good for housing cash and cards and the inside pouch will fit just about any standard size smartphone.



The Arlette waist bag is clean in its design and fairly modern. It is slim, while this impacts versatility, it definitely helps in the looks department.  A lot of the older models of waist packs are bloated monsters with several rows of pockets and tasseled zippers sallying back and forth as the user walks. Simply put, it’s a good looking bag for what it is.

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Vicenzo does offer the Arlette in brown as well which is something to consider. I personally wish a manlier version was also available, perhaps with a rougher cut of leather and hulking brass hardware. I think the black version is more limited in terms of accessorizing but still seems to mesh well with everyday clothing.


Nailed it


If after reading this, you’re starting to warm to the idea of considering a waist bag as a legitimate means of carry, The Vicenzo Leather Arlette Waist Bag is a pretty safe bet. The $79.95 is about ballpark for suchlike bags and the quality and manufacture won’t disappoint.


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