Vicenzo Signature Full-grain Leather Briefcase Review — $599.95

I was looking for a birthday gift for my dad when I came across the Vicenzo Signature Full-grain Leather Briefcase. As an accountant, he carries documents and electronics on a daily basis, and this bag had just the right mixture of panache and utility. The problem was, once I got it, I had some second thoughts giving it to him—because I seriously didn’t want to give it up.



About Vicenzo Leather

Vicenzo Leather focuses on quality materials and quality workmanship, and they’ve delivered on both accounts. They produce mainly bags, and if mine is the rule, they’re all of exceptional quality. Their style tends toward more formal, for businessmen and businesswomen. However, this one has a rugged feel to it, which makes it fitting for a lot more places than just the office.





The briefcase is made of full-grain leather. That means it’s the original outer layer (the grain) of the hide, with none of it shaved off. The details and character of that outer layer can be seen, including any natural blemishes and scars. The workmanship is expert, which you’ll see down to the finest details.

Not only is the leather top notch, the hardware is too. This includes the brass footings on the bottom of the bag, the zippers, snaps, and so on. Together, these features bring the bag to a weight of 2.5 lbs.—hefty enough to be pretty dependable. It feels elegant yet rugged, and I expect its long-term durability to match.





The briefcase has a center handle fixed to the bag, which is great for carrying it while it’s zipped. If you prefer unzipped, the two detachable side-handles are ideal. It also has a detachable shoulder strap which is excellent for any hands-free, on-the-go activities.

It’s dimensions are 16.5″ H x 13″ L x 5″ W. It’s a great size for a carry-on: It won’t take up too much space, but it gives you ample room to carry plenty of entertainment or business on a trip. It fits my 13″ Macbook just fine, and I expect it’d fit a 15″ too. (By the way, if you’re sensitive about your electronics, you might be careful not to scratch them on the zipper’s metal teeth.)

The bag comes with a variety of pockets, inside and out, for organizing your stuff. Some come with magnetized clips for easy access. Other zip up securely so you’re sure not to lose anything inside. The pockets add a nice dash to the bag’s aesthetics too. I’ll mention, though, that this makes the briefcase slightly front-heavy, meaning it tends to tip over on its front, depending on the weight of what you’re carrying inside. I found myself leaning it against walls or furniture with the front face against the wall.





To me, this seems like the perfect accoutrement for a wide variety of dress styles. It’s full-grain leather, meaning it wasn’t sanded down to smooth out the blemishes. This gives the bag tons of character. For example, in the photo above, look at the scar on the top-right pocket. Beautiful.

The shoulder strap is canvas with a leather stripe down the middle, an example of the detail in the workmanship.

Aside from that, I’ll let you judge the aesthetics from the pictures.

There’s also a black version—in case you’re wanting something more formal.




BestLeather Conclusion

The Vicenzo Signature Full-grain Leather Briefcase is seriously amazing. I’m tempted to throw in some four-letter words here to emphasize the point, because “Really, really” just doesn’t seem to cut it. I love this briefcase, and I think you will too. If you’ve got the funds to pay for quality, you’ll be glad to have this briefcase on your adventures.

Also, a note to potential buyers, this bag is currently on sale at half price—$299.00.

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