Vicenzo Leather Elle Hobo Handbag – $248

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Vicenzo Leather is based in Houston, Texas, and offers a large product line that includes briefcases, handbags, waist bags, totes, and more. The styles range from dressy to casual, modern to classic. We’ve reviewed a couple of nice pieces from Vicenzo in the past, including the Arlette Leather Waist Bag and the Signature Full Grain Leather Briefcase. Today we’ll be taking a look at the Vicenzo Leather Elle Hobo Handbag in Brown, a casual handbag with a dressed-up bohemian look.

Vicenzo Leather has remained the internationally recognized leader in a combination of leather products including full grain, top grain, and genuine leather. Our taste for high quality and workmanship have allowed us to produce leather bags of exceptional quality that appeals to the discerning businessman or woman, soccer mom, road warrior and the ultimate professional.

Vicenzo Elle Hobo Bag 1


The Elle Hobo Handbag is made with genuine leather that has been finished with a pebbled grain. It’s a nice reddish brown color with darkened edges. It also comes in a lighter brown color.

The bag is constructed so that there are two reinforced panels on the front side that form a sort of “V” shape. This way, when the bag is held by the handles, the middle of the bag drops in and creates a slouchy, hobo bag silhouette. The back of the bag is made of two panels that assist with holding the shape. The bottom of the bag is reinforced and has metal feet to keep the bottom of the bag clean and standing upright.

Vicenzo Elle Hobo Bag 2

There are two rounded carry handles built in to the side panels of the bag. The side panels have a vertical zipper underneath the handles that can be opened to expand the gusset if needed. You probably won’t need this function as the bag is plenty big on its own, but they add a nice metallic finish to the sides of the bag. It also comes with a 36″ carry strap that attaches to D-rings on opposite corners of the bag. You don’t quite get the same slouchy effect when you carry it with the long strap, so I prefer to carry it by hand.


The bag is closed via a floating zipper at the top. You can connect the ends of the zipper to the side panels of the bag with a snap attached to a leather tab. I personally really dislike this system, as the zipper ends up flipping upside down, making it hard to zip. It also doesn’t seem like a good choice for longevity as it puts unnecessary stress on the zipper. I’d prefer if the zipper was sewn completely around the bag or just not there at all.

Vicenzo Elle Hobo Bag 3 Vicenzo Elle Hobo Bag 4


There are two pockets on either side of the inside of the bag, as well as two small open pouches for storing smaller items like pens or cosmetics. There is also an external zippered pocket on the back side.

The bag measures 13.5″ x 9.5″ x 6″ which makes it a nice size for everyday use. You can fit all the purse essentials plus a notebook or tablet.

Vicenzo Elle Hobo Bag 5

One thing that does make everyday use of this bag a bit more difficult is the lining. The bag is lined with brown nylon fabric printed with the company’s logo, and there is a LOT of lining. So much that stuff sometimes gets lost in the folds, or pinched in the pocket zippers. If the lining was attached better at the bottom, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it does add a little bit of unnecessary frustration.


The Vicenzo Leather Elle Hobo Handbag in Brown is a unique looking bag with great contemporary style. I love the slouchy look and the construction of the shell of the bag. There’s definitely a few design issues inside that make it less than perfect for everyday use, though, so consider your feelings on zippers and linings beforehand.


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