Vagabond Traveler Wanderer 4 Classic Leather Wallet Review – $23

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Vagabond Traveler is a leather company based in Orlando, Florida.  They offer a wide range of products, from leather notebook holders to leather-accented canvas duffle bags to small goods, and the best part is that they offer them at “gateway drug” pricing.  Seriously – for hand-stitched leather goods, they are about as affordable as they get.

This post, we will be looking at the Wanderer 4 Classic Leather Wallet.


8The Wanderer 4 Classic is, true to its name, a fairly old-school type of wallet.  To put it more simply, this wallet is big.  Measuring 4.3 by 3.5 inches, it is certainly not a minimalist wallet.  Instead, it has card slots–six of them, to be exact.  It has an ID slot, space for, not one, but two! SD cards, and space for cash.  Again, Vagabond Traveler doesn’t settle for just one cash slot, mind you.  It’s got two, just in case you’re really ballin’ with loads of dolla-dolla bills, y’all.


You might think that all this room would be incredibly bulky, but this particular Vagabond Traveler item is actually lined with nylon fabric, rather than being 100% leather.  It was a smart choice; the fabric keeps a thinner profile, despite the wallet being able to carry your ID, credit card, other credit card, supermarket loyalty card, cash, more cash, a couple of receipts, and that slip of paper with the number of the one place your boy Blue told you about with that thing you’ve been meaning to try.


Unfortunately, keeping the price very low has led to a bit of sloppiness with the construction.  The slot that was cut to insert one’s ID is pretty crooked.  There is also a ladder-type design sewn into the exterior of the wallet with thread.  I was unable to determine a function of the design; it seems to be purely aesthetic.

BestLeather conclusion

At about $23, the Vagabond Traveler Wanderer 4 Classic is exactly what it is meant to be — a good, if not great, classic bifold wallet.  It doesn’t have much flash or whistles, but it will do exactly what it is meant to do: hold your cash, cards, and whatever else you ask it to.



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