Upcoming Briefcase Comparison Review!

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Soon we will be receiving bags from Basader and Far Horizon Traders for an in depth comparison on types of briefcases. There are a lot of great options for high quality briefcases with different materials and styles. Choose best!

Hopefully one of the canvas bag manufacturers will contribute a canvas briefcase so we can get a full comparison with the whole gamut of types of leather! no luck so far


Far Horizons Review is done!

Far Horion Traders – $250sahara1c(1)Basader – $300leather-messenger-bag-veg-tan

Saddleback Leather – $461Saddleback leather thin briefcase


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Tj Kastning

This just showed up in the mail!


Do you have plans to review any of the Bexar Satchels? Personally, I love the look and design of the Hudson, but the price is making me look for a review by someone who has seen a lot of similar briefcases to make sure the quality, workmanship and overall value is there…