The Evolution of Leather in the Fashion Industry


Clothes made from leather have been the center of attention for a long time now. Whether it’s jackets, skirts, pants, or purses, leather is a multi-functional material used for many garments and items. The footwear industry has also relied on leather to make fashionable shoes.

Leather has been in the fashion industry since the 1900s while being extremely popular among models and celebrities and it continues to dominate the business. The craze for leather garments won’t seem to die soon and there’s a reason for it.

The numerous benefits of leather would make it hard for anyone to not fall in love with it. While being a fashion statement, a leather garment also has practical uses.

The water and stain resistance saves you the trouble of getting your garment wet or dirty. For instance, you can let out a sigh of relief when you spill something on your favorite leather garment when you watch a movie or play baccarat online. The spill won’t leave any stains on your clothes so you can watch your movie or play online casino games in peace.

However, an interesting fact about leather is that it was vital for the survival and advancement of humans several years ago.

History of leather

The earliest records of using animal skin as leather goes back to the Paleolithic period. Back then, people used leather to cover themselves and create shelters to shield themselves from harsh weather conditions. They would hunt animals for food and then create leather clothing from their skins.

Later in 1200 BC, Ancient Greeks used leather in their clothes and sandals. This style of clothes and sandals eventually expanded to Egypt and Rome where it was also used to create clothing and armor. The Greeks also developed a tanning method out of vegetables to make the leather more durable which was widely used.

Later in the Middle Ages, the popularity of leather grew, and it was used for items other than clothing. Many religious figures and Monks made use of leather for manuscripts. The production of leather didn’t stop there as it was later used for book covers, belts, and accessories. As people wanted the finest leather clothing, the demand for it continued to grow.

The industrial revolution

The 18th and 19th centuries were a tipping point for the leather industry. As new machines were developed during this era, producing leather became easier and cheaper. The quality of the leather had definitely lowered from before but that didn’t stop people from buying more leather products.

This change in the production of leather made people use leather in different industries. Leather intervened in the fashion industry and fashionable footwear started to hit the markets.

Another major change in the development of leather took place in this era. The process of vegetable tanning for the leather was no longer feasible and didn’t meet the new standards. With the help of technology, a new method called chromium tanning was introduced and used.

It was different than vegetable tanning, in that it was faster and better for mass production. Because of its benefits, chromium tanning completely replaced vegetable tanning.

Leather during World War II

Leather clothing was still on the functional side till World War II as padded leather jackets were given to pilots for practical use. When the war was over, the fashionable style of leather jackets was still popular, and they were known as ‘bomber jackets’. This way leather completely infused itself in the fashion industry.

In the 60s and 70s, leather was used in more than just jackets such as handbags and accessories because of the popularity of leather jackets. However, this time, the items were made with the purpose of creating something fashionable and stylish.

Leather in fashion today

Today, leather has become an extremely popular and common material for clothing and accessories. From men’s wardrobes to women’s wardrobes, you will find leather in every possible clothing or accessory. Leather has become quite a versatile material that can be used for numerous things.

While leather is a major material in fashion, many other things have also begun using leather such as furniture, luggage, even sports garments.


Whether it’s in fashion or any other aspects, leather always gives an elegant and luxurious look. Due to its unique quality, the material is here to stay. If you have never tried wearing any leather clothing, you can go ahead and experiment with your style.

There are numerous ways one can wear leather outfits or even style some trendy leather accessories. As fashion continues to evolve and change, many styling ideas and trends go by in the blink of an eye. However, you can still pick up some leather styles long after its trendiness has worn off as it will continue to stay in the fashion industry for a long time.





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