The best gaming room setups

Whether it’s an action packed first-person shooter game on PC or fun casino slot games on mobile, a huge percentage of the population enjoy gaming as a way to relax, blow off some steam and stay entertained. In fact, the global gaming market is now estimated to be worth $249.55 billion US dollars and is anticipated to grow to $665.77 billion dollars by 2030.


Those that play games regularly often like to have a dedicated space they can go to play their games, this could be an entire gaming room or a desk set-up in a multi-functional space such as a bedroom or living room. Wherever this space may be, optimizing it with the right furniture, equipment and decor can have a huge impact on your overall gaming experience, making it a safe, convenient and ethically pleasing space to enjoy your favorite games.


If you are looking to set up a new room, or improve a space you are already using, here are some tips to help inspire and inform the design of your gaming setup:


Have some ambient, adaptable lighting


Lighting for your gaming space should not be an afterthought, dedicating a chunk of your budget to getting the right lights will make a real difference to the ambiance in your space. LED lighting is a popular choice due to its vibrancy and longevity, and there are a number of different types to consider depending on the look you are going for and how much you have to spend. 


One option is smart LED bulbs that you can attach to the light fittings that you already have in your space. These are often color changing and controlled remotely through a smartphone app or connection with a smart speaker like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home. 


Backlighting your television or PC monitor with LED light strips can create a really cool effect too. You can even get these to sync with your music and game display or follow a preset color changing light show. 


You could also consider something multi-functional such as a speaker with LED lighting built in, which is handy if you are working with a compact space. Read online reviews to find good lighting options and take the time to read the instructions of your new purchase so you don’t miss out on any of its innovative features.


The right gaming desk or unit for your equipment and space


While this might not apply to mobile or handheld console gamers, for those playing on PC, Playstation or Xbox, you will need some sort of unit or desk to house your consoles, monitors and other equipment such as a keyboard or headset stand.


If you have a particularly large space, you might opt for a unit with lots of additional storage for your games or a large L-shape desk. If space is limited, a corner unit could be a good space-saving option or a desk that folds down between gaming sessions.


If using a desk, consider whether there is enough room for your chair to fit in properly and whether there is cable management space. Television units should be big enough and sturdy enough for the monitor(s) you are using and at a comfortable height that is appropriate for your sofa and chair.


Comfortable seating for a long gaming session


Seating is very important for your comfort and a lack of ergonomic design can even negatively impact your back and posture if gaming for long sessions. That is why there are desk chairs specifically designed for gaming, with the appropriate arm rests, neck and back support and cushioning.


Even mobile gamers need a suitable place to sit, this could be a snug with a good quality armchair or lounger. For added comfort and luxury, you can even get gaming chairs with built-in massagers.


If you are someone who invites friends round to join in on gaming sessions, consider additional seating that can be put away when not in use. These might be beanbags or fold down chairs, whatever works for the space you have to play with. 


Wall decor and accessories to create a unique, personalized look and feel


Once you have sorted all of the important, larger items for your gaming set up, it is time to think about those finishing touches that make the space feel like your own and match your decor tastes and personality. This could include framed artwork that features your favorite games and characters.


Little additions like a stand for your controllers or headset or a docking station for your tech can bring convenience to your gaming space and help keep things organized. A mini fridge or drinks and snacks can also be handy if the kitchen isn’t close by and rugs and cushions can add comfort and warmth to cold or vast spaces. 


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