The best games room furniture


From Victorian gentlemen installing a billiard room or a thirties card enthusiast with a dedicated poker den, there has always been an appeal to a special space to play your games.

Today the idea of a designated space for gaming has evolved as video and online entertainment has become more and more mainstream.


The history of video gaming rooms

As home gaming consoles like the Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Sega Genesis gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, people started setting up areas in their homes to use them. 

By the 1990s and early 2000s, some households were creating designated gaming corners with a dedicated TV or monitor.

Then with the advent of more immersive experiences, enthusiasts began creating special gaming rooms. These often featured large high-quality displays, surround sound systems and comfortable furniture. 

Since then, the home gaming room has evolved into a more comprehensive entertainment hub. Many homeowners started integrating features like ambient lighting and advanced audio-visual setups. 

The rise of multiplayer and online gaming has also led to spaces where friends and family can gather for shared gaming experiences like enjoying bingo sites online.

With the integration of smart home technology, gaming rooms have become more and more sophisticated. 

Home automation systems, voice-activated controls, and customizable lighting are increasingly common. Virtual reality kit is included in the most sophisticated set-ups. 

The evolution of gaming rooms reflects the changing nature of video games – from a niche hobby to a mainstream entertainment. 

That’s why many gaming enthusiasts take pride in creating personalized, well-equipped spaces that provide a totally immersive gaming experience.


Create the best gaming room

Creatie your own perfect gaming room by selecting furniture that enhances your comfort and gaming needs. 

How do you do that? Here are some key items that will help:


Gaming Desk

A spacious ergonomic gaming desk or table is essential. Decide whether you need a desk big enough to accommodate multiple monitors and make sure it provides enough space for a keyboard and mouse.

Always check it fits the room – and it will fit through the doors and stairs on the way.


Gaming Chair

If you spend a lot of time playing, invest in the most comfortable gaming chair with proper lumbar support. 

Specialist gaming chairs often have adjustable recline, height, and armrests. Some even come with built-in speakers and vibration for an extra immersive experience.


Monitor Mounts or Stands

For multi-monitor setups, consider monitor mounts or stands. These save desk space and can achieve an optimal viewing angle. 

Look for stands with adjustable mounts to allow for flexibility in positioning the monitors.



It seems obvious and unglamorous, but organizing your gaming accessories with storage solutions can transform your room. 

Things like shelves, cabinets, or storage units will house all your games, controllers, cables, and peripherals. They will help keep your gaming area clutter-free.


Console/PC Stand

If you use a console or a gaming PC, consider a dedicated stand or mount to keep it organized and easily accessible. Some stands can also provide additional cooling for hard-working gaming consoles.


Cable Management

Use cable organizers, clips, or trays to manage and conceal your cables. A tidy cable set-up looks better – and makes sure you don’t trip over or accidentally pull out a plug.


Storage Seating

Consider combining additional seating and extra gaming storage with a sofa or bench which has draws underneath for controllers, cables, or other small items.


Hook for Headphones

If you use gaming headphones, having a dedicated hook, rack or shelf to store them when not in use. 

Look after your kit, it’s expensive. Storing headphones carefully will prevent damage.


Gaming Desk Accessories

Don’t forget to customize your gaming desk with accessories like mouse pads, cable organizers, and desk mats. Some gamers also like to add coloured lighting strips for an immersive atmosphere.


Ambient Lighting

Talking of lighting, consider adding ambient lighting to the room. LED strips, smart lighting systems, or gaming-themed lighting fixtures can really top off the atmosphere.


Acoustic Panels

Still want to spend more? Real enthusiasts who prioritize sound quality may install acoustic panels to reduce echo. They maybe expensive – but will improve the overall audio experience in the gaming room.


Whether you choose a specialist chair that costs as much as your car or use a space dining chair from the kitchen, personal preferences and budgets will play a significant role in designing your gaming room. 

Comfortable ergonomic furniture ensures you can maintain a proper posture during long gaming sessions. This can help reduce the risk of fatigue and aches.

A clutter-free gaming space minimizes distractions, potentially leading to improved performance in challenging games.

It will always be a balance between the specific needs of your gaming setup and your budget. Tailor your furniture choices accordingly – don’t forget the second-hand market may deliver some real bargains too.

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