Terra Flame S’mores Fire Bowl Review


I love a good backyard campfire, but sometimes the hassle of dealing with the wood/kindling/ashes snuffs the desire right outta me. My 8 year old loves s’mores though, so you can imagine the conundrum I found myself in every weekend. It was my delight however, when I found the S’mores by TerraFlame Firebowl, a safe, convenient and easy way to bring the magic of a fire just about anywhere, indoors or out.


When I first picked up the box after being delivered to me, I almost had a double take. This bowl weighs 15lbs. It’s cast from concrete and accented with bamboo which makes it safe to place on delicate surfaces.

The finish is surprisingly smooth as well. There’s is a recessed rim around the top and a open compartment in the center to place the gel fuel can. 


The real appeal behind the S’mores by TerraFlame is that it can be used indoors. There’s no smoke, and you can have a toasty little fire going in seconds.

TerraFlame’s special gel fuel cans produce a respectable flame (About 4-7 inches) and even produce a popping sound similar to a wood fire.

I would note that you cannot burn wood in this firebowl and must use gel cans (I found gel cans are pretty universal in size and you’re not restricted to TerraFlame’s product)

We received the kit version which includes a bamboo tray and skewers as well as a fun s’mores recipe book. With all these accouterments in place it really creates a whimsical setting. Putting the fire out was as easy as putting the gel lid back on top.


One of the strong points of this firebowl is it looks so darn good. It also comes in white, so it looks just as good on a dining table as it does on a picnic bench.

The concrete finish is again very smooth and matte. The bamboo accents add character as well. When not in use, the bamboo lid does a nice job of blending this piece with your surround decor yet still adding an interesting flair to the room.

Same goes for the matching accessorizes, the marshmallow skewers have bamboo handles and the tray has a butcher block type vibe we love. 


In conclusion, we love the simplicy and convience the S’mores by Terraflame offers. The price point is on par with other high end firebowls and mini tabletop fire pits. The looks and construction are top notch and this will last for years. While the need to use gel cans will be a reoccurring expense, the ability to have a fire going and extinguished in minutes is just too good to pass up.

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