Steve Madden Romah Wingtip Oxford Review – $120

I have been a lover of shoes since I was a child. I always wanted to have the newest and coolest styles, and was never really content with the shoes I had. Unfortunately, I haven’t changed much in that regard. I have enough shoes in my closet for many women to be envious. Shoes are still one of my favorite things to own and Steve Madden has impressed me with their Romah Wingtip Oxford.

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Steve Madden has been an iconic footwear name for many years in the women’s fashion scene. After such a successful 10-year stint there, Steve Madden Men’s line was launched. Starting as a primarily casual offering, Steve Madden Men’s has evolved into a funky lifestyle brand that guys of all ages should include in to their wardrobe. Their purpose is to offer men as many different styles as possible, all at a high-quality, wallet-friendly price.

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The Steve Madden Romah is constructed with a full leather upper, synthetic sole, and an extremely comfortable fabric inner lining. The shoes are assembled in China, and brought back into the United States. The leather on this shoe is a very soft, polished leather that has age beautifully after several months of use. While some people like their dress shoes to develop a patina and worn-in look, the Romah Wingtip Oxford was not constructed to do so. The leather is very scratch resistant and will maintain the clean, sophisticated tan color.

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This shoe is designed to be worn with anything from summer wear and bright colors to chinos and muted colors for the colder weather. Because it is lace less, it really functions as a casual yet dressy Oxford. Steve Madden is famous for the spunky, funky, do-what-you-want look, and these shoes are a perfect example of the lifestyle brand they have successfully created. I have used these shoes many times for casual summer evenings and even a little more dressy outings such as business meetings. Each time, I had numerous friends and family members ask about the shoes. The Romah is a funky shoe for the independent man that has functioned flawlessly and become my go-to casual shoe.

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Steve Madden has done a wonderful job designing this shoe. Because of the unique brogueing trim and perforated medallion toe, the Roma is truly a do it all Oxford. The sleek tan color and no-nonsense shine of the Roma is perfect for a stylish, do it all shoe that most men should have in their closet. The lace less aspect of the Roma is the most important. Because the shoe does not have any laces, it exudes the casual, classy look. But the beautiful brogueing and sleek lines strengthen the dressy, modern side of the shoe. This feature is really what sold me on the quality and overall desirability. I do not own any other shoes like this, and Steve Madden has done an excellent job and will keep me coming back.

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The Romah Wingtip Oxford has proved to be a staple in my ever-growing wardrobe. The beautiful tan color, perfect brogueing, and lace less feature really turn this shoe into a perfect example of Steve Madden design. If you are looking for a funky, do-it al shoe, check them out. To purchase the Romah, use the Steve Madden Amazon store. The store has the Romah Wingtip Oxfords on sale for $63.00. This is a deal you shouldn’t pass up.

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