Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase Review

Every professional, casual or not, needs a good briefcase/messenger bag to tote one’s goodies around. Buying a cheap bag is like having a cheap tie, it is of unacceptable poor quality. Since you get what you pay for with leather bags you may want to check this briefcase out.


There is no point in buying a leather product that has not been designed to last a lifetime. A variety of factors in the construction of this briefcase affects its longevity. There is no doubt this Thin Briefcase will only acquire a desirable patina with age.

The Saddleback full grain leather does not disappoint. While the leather is of consistent quality and grade (you can buy their products with slight defects from “Dave’s Deals”) there has been nothing done to it in processing to weaken the leather. Full grain leather is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. With proper cleaning and oiling this bag will last longer than you.

The weight of the bag is substantial, like the construction and material of the bag. You can happily bear its weight knowing that is a cost of quality. Empty the bag weighs in at 4.5 pounds. With books, computer, chess set, and sundries, the weight can exceed 15 pounds.

  • Large swathes of full grain leather are used.
  • The seams are double stitched with marine grade thread.
  • Large rivets hold all stress points together.
  • There are no easily breakable components like snaps or zippers.

Photos by Kristin Kastning


In this briefcase form follows function. The sturdy leather makes for functional elegance, a simplicity of form.  The high quality leather lends itself to any occasion, situation, or attire due to its intrinsic high quality. Can you wear this briefcase with a suit? Absolutely. Can you enjoy it with shorts and a t-shirt? Completely.

Your body size matters if sizing matters. If you are larger than 6′ or 180 pounds then you can handle the large size. For those smaller, stick with the medium. The medium can still handle a 15″ Macbook Pro and plenty of “stuff.”

the medium


This briefcase carries a surprising amount of “stuff.” Between two large compartments, a large pocket on the back, and the ability to secure items with the strap and buckle, you can carry a large amount of stuff. Mine currently has two full sized notebooks, a large book and a medium book, an Apple charger, a 15″ Macbook Pro, six pens, iPhone charger, USB drive, and headphones. The Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase can carry everything you would normally carry in a standard briefcase.

What can you use it for? The Thin can act casually for a trip to the coffee shop or make a statement at the negotiations table as you set it on the table. The Thin’s aesthetic uses are genuinely diverse. Perhaps opinion, but chestnut seems to be the most casual/professional color.

Will your laptop fit? If it is under 15″, yes. Don’t plan on using the Saddleback Leather 15″ Macbook Pro Sleeve with it, it’s too tight. The laptop and case will slide in ok, but taking it out is another matter.

Shown with a personalized brass luggage tag. Click for the link.

Best Leather conclusion

This briefcase is undoubtedly expensive. However, this is a recommended purchase for these reasons.

  1. Used versions can be purchased on Ebay.
  2. You will NEVER need another briefcase/messenger bag.
  3. Quality leather goods hold their resale value extremely well for a long time.
If you have the dough, spend it on the Thin Briefcase.

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Do you have this bag? Are you considering it? What do you think of it?

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