Redwing Heritage Beckman Round Boots Style No. 9016 Review – $349.99

Boots are definitely the quintessential footwear choice for men, in my opinion. Delving into the world of boots can be daunting though, especially for the first time shopper. Hiking, work, casual and the list goes on. I think I may have found the best option that can handle a little of all of it without necessitating several purchases. The Redwing Heritage Beckman Round 9016 seems to be at home on the job site as well as the office.


There doesn’t seem to be any vulnerable spots on this boot, everything is double or triple stitched.

The Beckman’s are available in several finishes, reviewed are the 9016 – in Redwing’s signature Cigar Featherstone Leather. This is a very smooth, somewhat glossy leather. The full grain hide is thick yet supple, much more so than the Iron Rangers I have. A Roccia styled sole is attached to the bottom and features a lugged design. As with most all Redwings, they feature a Goodyear Welt which of course means this boot can be resoled. The laces are waxed cotton and we see metal eyelets adding reinforcement along the gusseted tongue.  All of this goodness is made in the USA.


Expect some stiffness at the outset. You can always throw in some foam insoles, but this will ultimately hinder the leather sole from molding to your fit.

You’ll hear this from Redwing owners time and time again. There boots need to be broken in, the case was almost painfully obvious for me out of the box. If this is your first pair, I strongly suggest you get a proper fitting at a Redwing store or take a measurement using a Brannock device. They should fit somewhat snug, so they can stretch with use. I will say that these were almost impossible to get on without a shoe horn, it was snug to a fault and I think the gusseted tongue should have had more play in it. These boots are like baseball gloves, the more you wear them in, the better they perform. The lugged outsoles perform well and offer a tactile connection with most surfaces. The gusseted tongue keeps out rain and debris as well.

Do yourself a favor and order a shoehorn when getting these boots. You’ll thank me later.


The Beckman’s are a bit more on the dressy side mostly due to the polished finish. That being said, the simple yet classic look seems at ease anywhere. The honeyed brown hues seem to mesh with almost any pant without overpowering your outfit. The quality exhibited (3 different workers have to approve every shoe before it’s shipped) in these shoes just seem to make them pop.  Even my wife who seems to routinely walk up to the wrong car in the parking lot with her keys, noticed these boots. That speaks volumes.


The Redwing Heritage Beckman Round is a classic boot with top notch American made craftsmanship and pride. The 349.99 price definitely requires some consideration, although you can shop around and find them cheaper, plus the ability to resole will probably make them more cost effective over time than more disposable footwear. Despite the initial hangups in the breaking in process, these boots will only grow better with use.

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