Quiver Pen Holders Review – $24, $27 & $31

I like pens. I really like nice pens. As a writer and editor, I’m very partial and dependent upon pens. Even in the digital age that is upon us now, it’s imperative to have a good pen or two at the ready. I despise losing a pen and, if I may confess, I even hate losing a cheap pen. What’s even worse is when you desperately need a pen and you can’t seem to find one. Enter Quiver – an innovative company located in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.


About Quiver

Quiver is another one of those great companies that has emerged and grown from creating a solution to an everyday problem. The problem is that of losing pens and not having one handy when it’s needed. The folks at Quiver, who are devoted Moleskine and Rhodia notebook users, have come up with several ingenious designs to aid in preventing pen “loss-age” from striking at those most inopportune times. Best of all, they utilize fine leather and attractive thread in these unique pen holders.



Quiver products feature attractive American Nappa leather and are hand assembled in Old Mexico by their own set of skilled craftsmen. The thread used to create their eye-catching stitching is heavy, waterproof, marine grade thread. Each piece created by Quiver goes through an extensive triple inspection process. Needless to say, when your Quiver pen holder arrives, you are receiving an expertly created piece.



I received three of Quiver’s most popular designs to test. Being a long time fan and user of Moleskine notebooks I was eager to test each of the Quivers out thoroughly. I received a Single Pen Quiver for Pocket Notebooks (fits A6 notebooks that are 5.5” – 6.5” tall) in brown leather with matching thread. It holds a single pen on the spine of a pocket notebook. I also received a Single Pen Quiver for Large Notebooks (fits A5 notebooks that are 8” – 9.5” tall) in dark black leather with bright yellow thread. It too holds a single pen on the spine of a notebook. The final version that I have is a Double Pen Quiver for Large Notebooks, which fits the same A5 style as mentioned earlier. This version is also in dark black leather and features a bright orange thread. The Double Pen Quiver holds two pens or pencils on the front cover of a notebook. Each of these holders features the debossed Quiver logo on them too. It’s also important to note that Quiver will deboss your company’s logo on these pen holders through their corporate gifts custom order process.


I have used all three of these Quivers for over a month now and it’s amazing how quickly they just meld into being part of your daily routine. All three designs perform their duty perfectly while at the same time making their presence known uniquely in the way they are mounted to the notebooks. I can honestly say that I’ll never be “Quiver-less” again while using any type of notebook. I now consider myself Quiver-dependent for life and I’m really happy about that…because it also means I will always have a pen available when needed!


Each of these pen holders mounts easily to the notebooks. Thanks to the ingenious elastic straps, they fit snugly and line up on the notebooks with ease. They do change the way the notebook lays on a table or desk and that’s probably the only drawback to them. But, that is really a very minor drawback and something I have quickly dismissed in favor of the benefits they provide. If you’re like me, I stuff my Moleskine with other papers, receipts, business cards, etc. that I gather from meetings and travels. So over time all of my notebooks begin to bulge a little. But, isn’t that why they feature those elastic closures? So…no big deal.



All three of the Quivers that I have look amazing. The Pocket sized Quiver creates an attractive contrast with its rich brown leather when it’s mated with a black Moleskine. I’m sure it will look great if it’s paired with Rhodia or Leuchtturm too. The black leather of the Large Notebook Quivers – both in single and double pen versions are equally eye-catching. The use of contrasting threads combines to really set them off from whatever type of notebook you choose to use.


The orange thread of the Double Pen Quiver that I have was specially created for Rhodia’s notebooks. The Rhodia family crest features this same color (which is also featured on their easily-noticed notebooks). So, if you’re a Rhodia fan, the black leather Quiver with orange thread is definitely the one to order.

Even though these are small add-on components, people notice. I was surprised by just how many people took note of them and asked about them. Since I’ve had them, they have been commented upon or questioned at just about every in-person client meeting I’ve attended. And, what I think is even cooler is that the general response to them is “what a fantastic idea…and they look beautiful too” or “man, I desperately need one of those – I lose my pen all the time”.


It’s hard to say which one of the three Quivers I like best because they all look fantastic and perform their dutiful task admirably and fashionably. I do find myself carrying my large notebook with the Double Quiver the most. Perhaps that is because I’m still insecure about not having a pen…so having two on hand is more reassuring. But, that doesn’t make it my favorite. The Pocket Quiver is looking better as it ages. I’m really looking forward to the patina it will develop over time (and I’ll make sure to report on it here for you as well). For now, no judgment is being cast as to a clear favorite. Perhaps in one of the follow up reports on the Quivers there will be a clear favorite – so stay tuned.



The price point on these pen holders is extremely reasonable considering the quality components, handmade attention to detail, and rigorous quality inspection process. If you’re an avid notebook carrier and more importantly – if you’re a fan of never being without a pen or pencil, then we encourage you to visit Quiver’s website, create your own customized pen holder, and order it right away.

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