Pros and Cons Wearing Leather Clothes

Leather has long been part of the fashion industry. Because of its durability and flexibility, many companies are using this material for their products. From shoes to jackets, they protect several parts of our body and some articles. But despite its outstanding quality, it can still have advantages and disadvantages to different consumers.

As you look around your things, you will probably spot one or more items using lambskin or calfskin leather. However, it is uncommon to be seen in your closet or wardrobe. This could be because it is not practical to use in your place or country. The price could also be a factor why some do not own clothes made of leather. If you are thinking of buying one to experience it, it would be best to read this article first. You will find out three pros and cons of leather clothes as stated below.


The Advantages of Leather Clothes


There are several reasons to buy leather clothes or products. Even though some do feel differently toward them, most people still prefer to own one. Depending on the country you are living in, these kinds of clothes can be beneficial to you. The advantages of leather articles are as follows.



  • Long-lasting



One of the benefits of leather is its durability, which allows you to use it for a long time. Because people have been using it for years, they have developed a sense of trust toward similar products. As a result, they prefer to buy clothes and other things made of genuine leather instead of cheap materials. This can be attributed to their own experiences or other people’s testimonies, making them choose leather.


Also, leather products are resistant to water and scratch, which makes them distinct from others. These qualities allow the user’s body and objects to be protected from getting wet or being scratched. Knowing these advantages, people lean toward products using leather, even if they can be expensive.



  • Worth your money



It is not easy to find things that are worth it after purchasing. Even some branded clothes are too overpriced for the quality of their products. Because you want to get what you paid for, receiving low-quality products can be disheartening for you as a consumer. But you can never go wrong with choosing genuine leather products because they cannot easily be torn or broken. Because of this quality, you can use the item for a long time, which saves you some money as well.


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  • Stylish and comfortable



What is calf leather? It is a membrane produced from the hide of a calf. In the fashion industry, it is one of the most common and dependable leather materials used for clothes, shoes, and wallets. By touching it, you can feel its softness and fine grain which makes it look smooth and sleek when worn. This is why a lot of people buy clothes made of calf leather. 


Besides making people look fabulous, leather can also make people feel comfortable. Air can easily move around leather, so it is not affected by fungus and does not get moist. Moreover, because it is a natural fabric, our bodies do not develop skin diseases or discomfort, unlike synthetic ones.


The Disadvantages of Leather Clothes


Like all things in the world, they have downsides, too. However, the items listed below may not apply to all products, depending on the brand and quality. To know more about what these drawbacks are, keep reading.



  • Costly



Some companies sell their leather clothes for a high price because they know how valuable they are. However, the quality of leather is not common among cheap materials. Therefore, companies turn them into luxuries by making them expensive


Moreover, the process of acquiring the materials for this kind of product can be costly. So, it only fits that companies sell their products for a higher price. However, some of them, even branded ones, do not live up to the consumers’ expectations. This is also something you must watch out for upon purchasing. Always scrutinize the fabric and stitch before paying.



  • Unethical



What is calfskin? It is leather made of the skin of a calf or young domestic cow. From this description alone, you can already spot the ethical issues of using leather in the fashion industry. To have something to use, they need to kill animals. Unfortunately, most of them are raised for the sole purpose of being turned into our clothes. According to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the global leather industry kills more than a billion animals for their skins. So while leather might be valuable to many people, they must know that many animals are slaughtered yearly for the sake of profit and fashion.



  • Prone to damage



Even fabrics should be handled with care. You cannot simply toss them away or wash them without reading the care instructions. This applies to leather fabrics as well. If they are not stored in the correct temperature and light, they can develop cracks. Also, they are sensitive to weather or temperature changes. Therefore, you must keep and take care of them properly to avoid creating damages. If you do not have patience for these things, it would be best not to buy them anymore. You will just be wasting your money, and you might contribute another waste. 


In conclusion, wearing animal skin clothes made of leather have pros and cons. Some advantages can be the material’s long-lasting and stylish qualities that make it worth your money. However, its disadvantages include being unreasonably priced, unethical to use, and prone to damage. If ever you decide to buy one, you must ensure that it fits your needs and budget. Buying something unnecessary and out of your budget may cause you to regret it in the future. Leather clothes will only be worth it if you can use them well for a long time.

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