Pierpont Leather Lizardskin Cardholder – $345

Bringing another item that appeals to the crowd who won’t settle for anything but the best, today we’re reviewing the Pierpont Leather Lizardskin Cardholder. This card wallet meets every functional standard while offering an elevated experience compliments of the luxury exotic leathers and superb construction.

About Pierpont Leather

“Pierpont Leather started as the eponymous creation of its founder, Parker Pierpont, as a medium through which to produce beautiful and unique items from the finest leathers available on the market. After years of practice and hundreds of thousands of stitches, Pierpont solidified his understanding of traditional workmanship through friendships and mentorships with some of the finest artisans in world, an intensive training with a former Hermès master artisan, and thousands of hours of meticulous study. His focus on an ever deeper understanding of the craft is the basis and guiding principal of all work done through Pierpont Leather.”


The inner leather of this custom card wallet is made with “Chèvre Mysore.” This isn’t a term we use too often here at BestLeather due to its somewhat proprietary feel; this leather is well known for being commonly used for Hermes bags (making Pierpont’s use of it quite understandable, as I mention in the previous section). Chèvre Mysore is a fine goatskin leather, well known for a strong grain pattern and high durability. 

The outer is, of course, lizardskin. It’s rare to use a product made with an “exotic” leather, but it’s a treat. This lizardskin has an awesome feel to it…think of when you got to touch the lizards at the zoo as a kid! It’s also very strong. So far no keys, fingernails, anything has been able to mark it in any way. It’s a remarkable material!

The thread used for this cardholder is linen, which is saddle stitched. Stitching is very uniform and sturdy. Similar to Pierpont’s French calfskin wallet, the edging on the wallet is very fine. Refined from a time consuming finishing process, it’s extremely polished and smooth. Construction is immaculate, and I have yet to find any flaws. 


Functionally, this is a very simple wallet. Each of the four pockets holds two cards comfortably for a total of eight. You could force more in, but the wallet isn’t oversized and would stretch a bit. I appreciate the closed design; none of my cards edges are exposed when the wallet isn’t opened, meaning there’s no chance of them slipping out. However, when I need them, cards are very easy to slide in and out. The Mysore and lizardskin are stitched together such that the wallet keeps itself closed along a center spine. 

While certainly nothing fancy functionally, at its core the lizardskin card wallet is a great minimal card holder.


As you would expect from leathers and assembly of this caliber, the wallet is beautiful. The lizard scales shine well and really pop visually–it exudes extravagance. Then, upon closer inspection, you can see the fine natural variance in the scales, reminding you that this is the real deal, not an imprint or knock off. Truthfully, I’m not used to carrying products of this caliber! It’s a level of refinement that catches others off guard and starts conversations.

The Chèvre Mysore inside gives a slight accent when the wallet is closed, and feels a bit like your own personal flair hiding on the inside of the lush scales on the outside. I may have not gone with yellow myself, however, Pierpont Leather works in bespoke goods, and offers a wide range of colors to suit your own taste.


Pierpont Leather’s demographic isn’t the customer who needs only functionality or durability. Instead the aim is for the customer who, alongside those attributes, recognizes and appreciates the finest of materials. The lizardskin and Mysore leathers of this wallet are gorgeous, unique, and tough as nails. The edging and construction are done well and with attention to the overall high-end feel of the materials. This is a premium, Buy It For Life, highly recommended product. Head over to Pierpont Leather’s website and check out their wide variety of bespoke options.

Pierpont Leather informs me their products have reached an even higher level of refinement than what we’ve seen here. Be looking forward to another of their products up for review in the coming months!

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