Pierpont Leather French Calfskin Card Wallet – $225

Some people just want an inexpensive product and are willing to replace it every other year or so. Others have come to appreciate the value of quality leather and its feel and longevity. Others want even more still. Pierpont Leather aims to provide products for those in the latter category.


Parker Pierpont always knew he wanted to work with his hands. Through college, he spent more time working leather than he did on his schoolwork. He was able to work under the tutelage of a former Hermes artisan, and is now doing his own custom work as Pierpont Leather.

Functionally, this cardholder we’ve obtained for review is quite simple. It has a quick access card slot on either side, and a larger storage pocket in the center. It’s nicely oversized, and easily holds quite a few cards. The seven cards I carry were no problem, and I’ve managed to cram in around eleven. If it isn’t too full some cash and receipts can be slipped in as well. It isn’t terribly easy to access individual cards kept in the main storage, but since I only need one of my two main cards the vast majority of the time, it’s an effective design. The function and capacity is minimal, but not too minimal.


However, it’s an appreciation for the luxury materials that would entice someone to invest in a product such as this.

Pierpont is, for lack of a better term, somewhat obsessive about their leather. Hides come from a select few European tanneries, and are inspected individually. Any defects or irregularities are cut away by hand. This meticulous selection results in a very uniform piece of leather. It’s superbly soft, strong, and smooth simultaneously, and I’ve never experienced a leather quite like it. You can notice some beautiful ripple patterns in the photos.


Construction is completed by hand. The linen thread gives a slightly unique look compared to more common polyester or nylon threads. Saddle stitching ensures strong, secure seams, though it is just a bit less uniform than I’m used to. I was also surprised that one double-backed stitch came loose on my wallet, though cutting off the excess was enough to eliminate the issue. Pierpont informs me they’ve stopped using this double backed stitch for this reason.

Edging is probably the most impressive part of the construction. Pierpont tells me the edges go through several layers of dying and polishing and are the most time intensive part of his construction by far. The result is a tough, high-gloss edge that’s a pleasure to both see and feel. It takes a nice polish and has worn well.


It may be functionally simple, but the best part of the Pierpont French calfskin card wallet is the materials. The luxury level of the leather and edging make this product a pleasure to use, an experience that ascends above simple functionality. It’s certainly an investment but it’s worth it for those who appreciate these aspects of an item.

Pierpont Leather works primarily in bespoke goods. Swing by their website to learn more, and check out their Instagram for more pictures of their fine products. We’ll be doing a review on one of their lizard wallets in the upcoming months!


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