Petersign Weston Men’s White Cafe Racer Jacket Review – $199.00

Petersign Weston Men’s White Cafe Racer Jacket Review – $199.00

Being a leather jacket enthusiast and a true-blue biker, I have always dug motorcycle leather jackets. While retaining their image of safety gear for bikers and motorcyclists, cafe racers make stylish fashion gear too. Hence I have always adored them for more than one reason. With the endless amount of love that I have for these staple pieces, I decided to upgrade my collection and headed onto my endeavor to buy my newest leather jacket and came across this gem of a Weston Men’s White Cafe Racer Jacket. Here is a detailed review of my experience of buying from the brand.

About PeterSign

PeterSign is an authentic leather jackets and leather stuff brand that sells its products on Amazon as well as its website. They sell handmade sheepskin leather jackets that are made from authentic materials. From the plethora of designs to the varied types – they are masterfully selling some of the best timeless leather jacket pieces. The way they operate and from what I have concluded from my experience – PeterSign operates the claim of authenticity and I am pleased to agree that it stays true and relevant. It has been a great shopping with them, which was heightened by their above-average customer care that helped me with some of the most important queries that made me feel secure buying from them and waiting patiently up till the last minute as my leather jacket was on its way to reach me.


My cafe racer leather jacket is made from authentic sheepskin. The leather used in its making is unblemished which gives it the perfect immaculate appearance, complimenting the color and its minimalist vibe. Clearly, a lot of effort and thoughtfulness has gone into the making, as it is a handmade piece – and that is evident from the closer inspection. From the sturdy and intricate stitching to the well-put structure, all are immaculate. After buying tons of leather jackets I have come to the conclusion that the quality of a bad leather jacket is its front zipper closure. And same applies to great leather jackets. It is smooth and works perfectly well without any buffer.



The leather jacket fits like a second skin and it is amazingly warm and comfortable. So this quality makes it a great functional piece. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to making the most out of it. With its spacious pockets, you do not have to worry about carrying an extra bag because it accommodates all the basic belongings that I must carry pretty nicely. 


While that is true that leather jackets carry an edgy appearance that stays true for this cafe racer leather jacket as well. Because of its white color, it has that minimalist, easy on eyes appeal and appearance. In contrast, colorful stripes give it a great buoyant touch.



All in all, it has been one heck of an amazing experience. This cafe racer jacket will certainly make a great companion for you if you share the same love for fashion, bikes and leather jackets. Because of its great versatile color, you can style with different pieces from your wardrobe and ace the different looks for different occasions. This white cafe racer leather jacket is available in different sizes, so you can opt for the one that fits your figure. Personally, I had gone for a medium size that fits perfectly well for my frame, and I do not feel that you can grow out of it because it comes with that stretchability. So even if you put on a few ounces, it would still remain a suitable match for you. While the great spaciousness lets me style and layers my outfits the way I want. So if you are one of those people who love putting on some extra pieces beneath in the cold weather, and do not want to take the weather dare, this would be a perfectly befitting choice to pull that off.


While the prices of their products are reasonable too, I bought this jacket for $199, and they have got some amazing discounts on their products on amazon as well as their website. While the free shipping is chewy on the cake! So you must hurry up and grab your favourite pieces before they run out of stock.


So if you are a leather enthusiast like me, this compelling leather jacket staple piece makes one wholesome and satisfactory purchase. And the best part is leather jackets last a lifetime, so you can make the most out of them for all the years to come – that is if you take considerably good care of them.


I can assuredly say that I am satisfied with my purchase and would love to shop from them the second time.


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